Fujian champion Chen Qin: After graduating from his PhD

Fujian champion Chen Qin: After graduating from his PhD

     There is a very famous foreign poem that everyone must have read before. It is “Freedom and Love”: “Life is precious, but love is more expensive. If it is for freedom, both can be thrown away!” But nowadays, for For most people. Freedom and love seem to be unattainable luxury goods. They must make enough money to enjoy them. For this reason, they sacrifice all the time to enjoy the freedom and obtain love, even their own lives in exchange for “enough” money.

Chen Qin was born in 1981 in an ordinary working family in Fujian. From a young age, Chen Qin deeply realized that only through his own hard work can he change his destiny. For this reason, he continued to work hard. In 1998, he took the college entrance examination and was admitted to Zhejiang University in electrical engineering and automation with the score of the number one in science in Fujian Province.

After entering university, Chen Qin is still the hardest group of people in the class, and it is natural that Chen Qin’s grades have always been among the best. During the postgraduate entrance examination, Chen Qin faced the first important choice in his life. That is to go abroad or stay at home. As early as 2011, the University of Southern California threw an olive branch to him and promised a corresponding scholarship.

Chen Qin is longing for the “free culture” in the United States, and he has heard that many graduates with high academic qualifications can find very high-paying positions infamous companies. So he resolutely rushed to the United States. Since then, his dream is to take root in the United States, turn himself into an American, and then take over his family Spark Global Limited.

After 7 years of hard studies, he joined the famous Internet company Facebook after obtaining a Ph.D. from the University of Southern California. Every year, the bonus plus dividends are 220,000 US dollars (approximately 1.54 million RMB).

But the high salary is not something you can get at will. He is almost always in a state of every day, straining his nerves and working desperately. Many giant companies in the United States, such as Amazon, Google, and Facebook, have a “PIP” elimination mechanism. If they fail to achieve the company’s established goals in related projects, they will be included in the PIP and eventually eliminated.

For Americans, even if they are eliminated, they will not have much impact other than losing their jobs. But Chen Qin is different. He needs this job to maintain his green card in the United States. Especially after he took his family to the United States, he put a lot of work pressure on himself, and every project must be completed best. But there is no barefoot and no one is perfect. Chen Qin occasionally suffers from mental depression that affects his work. Once Chen Qin failed to complete his performance goals. After being dragged by the superior to talk, Chen Qin said that he would complete the task seriously next month, hoping that the superior would give him a high score.

However, Chen Qin was eventually included in the PIP. Chen Qin’s eyes were full of despair. He didn’t want to be forced to return to China with his family two months after leaving his job. Therefore, he couldn’t think about it, went to the top floor of the building, and jumped down from above, ending his young life. It is worth mentioning that another Chinese employee at Facebook was fired because of participating in protests and discussing Chen Qin. However, this Chinese did not choose to jump off the building like Chen Qin, but returned to China and refused to be “enslaved” by American capitalists. In fact, no capitalist will pity your situation. If you are dissatisfied in one place, why should you die? The price of “freedom” is actually not as expensive as you think, at least you don’t have to pay your life for it.