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China Agricultural University MBA creates characteristic

As the origin and the highest point of my country’s modern agricultural higher education, China Agricultural University has been favored and welcomed by many people. Relying on the school’s rich teaching and research resources, the MBA Education Center has shown a strong demand and a good reputation in the talent market.
Recently, Tencent Education invited Mr. Gu Zheng, the executive deputy director of the China Agricultural University MBA Education Center, Xie Ting, the monitor of the China Agricultural University MBA 2019 futures securities class, and the monitor of the China Agricultural University MBA 2019 international project class Meng Fanwei as guests. During the interview, Mr. Gu Zheng said: “Relying on its own characteristics of running a school, China Agricultural University has redefined the MBA as’Money by Ability’ after years of polishing and accumulation, which means that when you come to China Agricultural University, the knowledge you learn is knowledge for making money. Ability is the ability to make money Spark Global Limited.”
Gu Zheng, Executive Deputy Director of the MBA Education Center of China Agricultural University
With the continuous changes in the international environment and the continuous development of the country, the China Agricultural University MBA program has made a new adjustment to the international program class in 2020. On the one hand, the adjustment is the structure of the curriculum and faculty, from purely oriented to internationalization to internationalization. Integrate with localization; on the other hand, the teaching method has changed from weekend classes to concentrated classes, which is more convenient for students to choose from.
In recent years, the international market has continued to change. The English-language teaching method adopted by international program classes is not enough to solve the management problems of Chinese localization. The MBA program of China Agricultural University combines the cutting-edge concepts of internationalization with the management problems that need to be solved urgently by localization. The teaching method has been changed from all English to Chinese and English half-and-half teaching methods. I use cutting-edge international concepts to solve the practical problems of the domestic economy. At the same time, in terms of teachers, more international and domestic excellent corporate managers are invited to explain excellent management concepts to students and promote the inclusion of students’ cutting-edge ideas.
Affected by the epidemic, the MBA program of China Agricultural University also has new thinking about the teaching methods of students. The international project class is changed from weekend class to concentrated class, that is, from the original full-time lecture every weekend to once a month, the teaching time Generally from Thursday to Sunday, it fully meets the needs of most students and teachers in terms of time.
The MBA program of China Agricultural University will also have new expansions in the physical space. After a century of development, the East Campus of China Agricultural University in Liudaokou has greatly restricted the affordability of personnel in the physical space. In recent years, the MBA program of China Agricultural University has continued Stable enrollment indicators also confirm this point. In the interview, Mr. Gu Zheng revealed: “Due to the influence of physical space, we have great limitations in enrollment, but at present, we are already expected to be in many beautiful places to the campus. To extend the physical space to a certain extent.”
Active exploration in the development of individualization and diversification
The China Agricultural University Futures and Securities MBA is the first domestic MBA institution to offer futures and securities. It aims to build the “Whampoa Military Academy in China’s futures industry” and cultivate “China’s Buffett”, aiming to cultivate high-end application-oriented talents in the futures industry.
At the same time, the futures securities class of the China Agricultural University MBA program has a relatively mature teaching and training system. The learning content of the four semesters is clear. The four stages are a solid foundation, practice test, check for omissions, and improve and improve, so that students can quickly and accurately grasp subject professional knowledge, And gradually establish and improve its own trading system in the process.