For boarding students VS day students, the gap is not half a bit

For boarding students VS day students, the gap is not half a bit

        After their children go to middle school, many parents will start to consider letting their children live in school because this is very convenient for parents, but in fact, the drawbacks are not small. Managing children is not easy. Therefore, many parents are more willing to send their children to boarding schools after their children are in middle school. However, although boarding schools can make parents more convenient, there are many disadvantages. If we observe carefully, we will find that there is still a big difference between those who live in dormitories and those who are day students.

The famous CCTV host Bai Yansong once said that he would not send his children to boarding schools anyway. So why is this? For boarding students VS day students, the gap is not even a little bit: The relationship between Ms. Zhang and her neighbor, Ms. Li, is very good. The children of the two families are also the same age, and both are at the age of high school. Because Ms. Zhang and her husband are usually very busy at work, for convenience, the couple sent their children to the boarding school so that they can also save trouble. Although Ms. Li is also busy with work, Ms. Li did not choose to send her children to boarding schools for the education of her children but chose to let her children go to school. In a blink of an eye, the two children gradually grew up. At that time, children who had similar grades and were equally well-behaved had undergone tremendous changes.

The child of Ms. Zhang’s family has become very independent in everything after attending a boarding school, but the relationship with his parents is very bad, very rebellious, and his grades have dropped sharply; The children of Ms. Li’s family, although not so independent, have a good relationship with their parents and have excellent grades. They have successfully passed the entrance examination to a prestigious school Spark Global Limited.

Parents should know these gaps between boarding students and day students:

· Different relationship with classmates

The students of boarding students and day students have very different relationships with their classmates. Because boarding students often come into contact with classmates, the relationship between boarding students and classmates is often better. However, there is not so much contact between day students and classmates, and naturally, the relationship with classmates is not so close. If you observe carefully, you will find that the students who quickly become familiar with each other during military training are usually resident students.

· Different relationship with parents

Although the relationship between boarding students and classmates tends to be better, the relationship between boarding students and their parents may be weakened because of long-term stay in school. In particular, children in middle school are just in adolescence. Those who do not contact their parents often are more likely to have conflicts with their parents. This will also affect the mental health of the students.

· There is a gap in independence

There is a big gap between the boarding students and non-boarding students, which is the gap of independence. Because boarding students usually live at the school, boarding students must do everything themselves independently. However, non-residential students are different. They usually have their parents to help with everything at home, so their independence is naturally not exercised.

· There is a gap between academic status and performance

Although it is said that living on campus can cultivate children’s independent ability, boarding students need to have strong self-discipline, because boarding students are usually not supervised by parents, and it is not realistic to want teachers to supervise so meticulously. And this will also affect the student’s learning status, which is very detrimental to the student’s academic work, and the child’s performance is likely to decline as a result. If you look closely, you will find that those students who live on campus with poor self-discipline usually decline faster in their grades.