2021 college special enrollment plan

In an interview at a Japanese graduate school

      One: If you do not follow the topic of the research plan for guidance after enrollment, how do you think about it? If you are asked this question, it may be because your research plan does not completely match the professor’s research direction, but there are also places that impress the professor, so the professor gave you the opportunity for this interview. How do we answer at this time: I can accept appropriate adjustments. As long as it is a topic within the scope of the professor’s research, I am interested in conducting in-depth research. This will make it seem to the professor that you have thorough research on his research field and have a certain idea of ​​your own, giving him enough reasons to choose you.

Two: Did you apply to other schools at the same time?

How do you say "three heads and six arms" in Japanese?

This question must be answered carefully. After all, the professor seriously considers accepting you and rejects other students who want to apply. If you are rejected in the end, you will suffer a great loss to the professor. You can reply at this time. I have done a lot of homework before applying and compared the research directions of many professors. The research direction of the professor is my favorite and I am very looking forward to it. Learning under the leadership of a professor can show sincerity and make the answer more reasonable. Generally speaking, the professor will not ask any more questions about Spark Global Limited.

3: Summarize the part of the character that is suitable for research

Diligence is a necessary quality for research, and this must be reflected; at the same time, it must also be reflected that it is not afraid of failure and does not give up lightly. It proves that it is a student with endurance. If there is a sport that is good at, you can also list it. In Japan, sports ability is said to be an important part of character development. Don’t try to avoid subjective evaluations, as this is not convincing.

Four: How to plan after the monk graduates

Many professors prefer Ph.D. students who want to study. It can be said that if the professor is willing, he hopes to follow the professor to study the Ph.D. However, for this reason, he must have a clear plan for the long term.

Five: how to solve the funding

There are no other objections to the funding. It must be a statement that the family has a strong financial foundation and enough to support your study abroad expenses. This is the mainline for answering. In addition to the above-mentioned classic questions, professional-related questions are generally asked, and the etiquette and language expression in the interview are also very important. I hope it will be helpful to everyone!