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European University of Madrid opens online Chinese MBA

      Recently, the European University of Madrid announced the launch of a Chinese MBA program tailored for Chinese in-service students.

As one of Spain’s prestigious private universities, the European University of Madrid currently has nearly 20,000 students. The discipline system is fully covered, and it has leading advantages in professional fields such as dentistry, sports management, philosophy, psychology, and business. In the 2021 Times World Higher Education University Rankings, the European University of Madrid ranks TOP3% in the world and ranks 9th in the comprehensive ranking of Spanish universities.

The European University of Madrid has always adhered to the innovative, comprehensive, and high-quality educational philosophy, with complete and advanced teaching equipment, laboratories, and more than 14,000 square meters of sports and entertainment facilities. At the same time, the European University of Madrid is also actively carrying out international cooperation, offering bilingual courses, committed to providing students with a comprehensive and personalized learning experience, and cultivating applied professional knowledge and skills Spark Global Limited.

According to Luis Sabina, the head of the online Chinese program at the European University of Madrid, with the rapid development of China’s economy, the demand for education is constantly escalating, especially when the level of education is generally improved, the demand for talents with higher education is increasing day by day. “Innovative education” and “lifelong education” have become major trends. At the same time, the European University of Madrid has found that this demand is gradually expanding. Many incumbents have to change and abandon their plans to study abroad due to factors such as personal disposable income, English proficiency, and the new crown epidemic. Therefore, the school has launched an online Chinese master’s program to provide a high-quality online learning platform for more Chinese in-service personnel with flexible study time, high-quality curriculum planning, and reasonable prices.

At the same time, in order to cater to a wider audience, the master’s program of the European University of Madrid will be taught in Chinese: including foreign language courses with professional Chinese subtitles, and with Chinese teaching assistants to assist in teaching, so that the incumbents are no longer trapped in language pressure and can focus on Study of degree courses in prestigious international schools. The project provides students with the same learning resources as current students, enhances the learning experience, and makes students feel as if they are on the campus of the European University of Madrid.

When talking about the core competitiveness of the Chinese online MBA program, Professor Papaulo, the head of the MBA program of the European University of Madrid, said: “60% of the professors of the European University of Madrid come from top-tier companies in the world and have many years of experience in business operations. , The courses taught are strong in practicality and adapt to the expansion of global business. At the same time, the project adopts an innovative gamified teaching model, which is entertaining and entertaining.”