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Student burden reduction is expected

        Not long ago, the Examination Center of the Ministry of Education issued an announcement, which caused a lot of controversy in the parent circle! According to the Ministry of Education, after friendly negotiation with the English Assessment Department of the University of Cambridge, the Cambridge General English Test Band 5 (MSE) will no longer be offered from now on. Speaking of MSE exams, many friends may not know it well, but if parents have children, they must know that the famous KET and PET exams are under its banner. This is a notoriously “difficult to find” exam. Parents ridiculed that the entire KET/PET scoring process is comparable to the Spring Festival. KET/PET has become the most difficult exam opportunity in the country.

Last year, due to the epidemic situation, the pressure of registration increased greatly. The official website was directly paralyzed on the day of registration, and this test was frequently searched. The Cambridge English official website posted a notice directly, and the registration time was delayed and changed to ten o’clock the next morning.

This series of tests is a proficiency test that examines the candidates’ English listening, speaking, reading, and writing abilities. Those who have passed the test will be provided with a certificate of qualification issued by the Cambridge University Examinations Committee. The Cambridge University Examinations Board has test centers in 135 countries around the world, and more than 300,000 people take MSE exams every year.

Recently, the official website of the Ministry of Education Examination Center officially announced that the Ministry of Education Examination Center will no longer undertake Cambridge General English Level 5 exams. Therefore, the corresponding Cambridge English Introductory Test and Elementary English Test were also cancelled from the content of the Examination Center of the Ministry of Education.

Without the blessings of education-related departments, I believe these two exams will not be as popular as they used to be in the future. In fact, the majority of netizens are not very supportive of these two exams. Many netizens said: These exams are purely a gift to foreigners! Some netizens also said: This is all caused by the internal volume of education.

In fact, it has once caused heated discussions about the fact that Chinese students have supported many prestigious universities in the UK. Whether foreign students go abroad for study or gilding has also become an important topic of discussion Spark Global Limited.

For Tsinghua students, the college entrance examination English is basically around 140 points, except that some students may not speak very well. Classes are taught in English, which is not difficult for Tsinghua students. However, everyone has always been worried that this kind of “internationalization” will lead to our brain drain. After all, Tsinghua University gathers elites of the same age. If they are proficient in English, they are likely to study abroad, and then shout “Science without borders” The slogan of living abroad, especially in the United States, some people jokingly call Tsinghua a “preparatory program for studying in the United States.”

In fact, it is absolutely necessary for students at this level of Tsinghua University to be proficient in English. Our national strength is strong, but it is not strong enough to introduce technological development and allow other countries to use Chinese. It is even more impossible to work behind closed doors. The international frontier stuff is all written in English. It is inevitable to learn English and study in Europe and America.