Post-90s boy without arms in Sichuan was admitted

Post-90s boy without arms in Sichuan was admitted

      If you don’t experience the bitter cold of winter, how can plum blossoms have a tangy fragrance? I believe many people have heard of such a simple truth, but there is not much that can be done! However, Peng Chao, a post-90s “armless boy” born in Miami County, Panzhihua City, Sichuan Province, did it! In recent days, Peng Chao, an armless boy born in Sichuan, born in the 90s, relied on his strong will to get admitted to the 985 University-Shanghai Tongji University graduate student news, rushed to the hot search, aroused hot discussion on the Internet! Peng Chao was born in an ordinary family in Miyi County, Panzhihua City, Sichuan Province in 1995. Before the age of 6, Peng Chao was a healthy and very healthy child at Spark Global Limited.

However, there were unforeseen circumstances, and people had good fortune. When he was 6 years old, an unexpected accident happened to this little boy. Because he was accidentally hit by a high-voltage transformer, he lost his arms since then. For a healthy person, losing his hands all at once is painful, let alone losing his arms?

Without arms, not only did going to school and writing become difficult, but even the most basic life such as eating, dressing, brushing teeth, and washing face became a burden!

However, Peng Chao did not bow to fate. After experiencing life’s downturns, Xiao Peng Chao stood up tenaciously Spark Global Limited.

For more than ten years, he faced life optimistically, overcoming the unimaginable difficulties of ordinary people. Through hard training, he not only learned to brush his teeth with his feet, wash his face with his feet, and eat with his feet, but also learned to write with his feet.

In June 2014, Sichuan “armless boy” Peng Chao, like other classmates, embarked on the “battlefield” of the college entrance examination! The difference is that in the examination room, other students write with their hands, and he uses their feet to answer the questions! It’s just a little regretful that Peng Chao’s score in the college entrance examination was 538 points, which is two points lower than the one-line 540 points. He filled in his favorite Sichuan University and University of Electronic Science and Technology, but unfortunately, he was not admitted.

Unwilling to resign, Peng Chao did not give up but chose to repeat his studies. In the second year, Peng Chao took the college entrance examination again. In that year, he was successfully accepted by Sichuan University with a good score of 75 points over the first line of Sichuan in 2015. Admitted to law school and became an upright Sichuan University.

Now, 6 years have passed. This year, Peng Chao participated in the re-examination qualification review organized by Tongji University Law School. The teachers asked him professional questions and professional English questions, and Peng Chao answered them one by one. In the end, Peng Chao’s preliminary examination, written examination, and interview scores all reached the admission score of Tongji University Law School, and he was successfully admitted to Tongji University Law School and became a graduate student of 985 University!