You will understand after reading these four points!

You will understand after reading these four points!

What is the second-level builder?

The second-level constructor is a professional qualification for construction and a prerequisite for being a project manager. Those who pass the qualification examination of the second-level construction engineer shall be issued the “Certificate of the second-level construction engineer qualification of the People’s Republic of China” by the personnel department of the province, autonomous region, and municipality directly under the Central Government. After obtaining the construction engineer qualification certificate, the second-level construction engineer registration certificate will be obtained after registration, and the registered constructor can be employed to practice. In recent years, the number of applicants for the Second Construction Examination has continued to increase, and the way that the Second Construction Exam is more flexible. The number of certificate holders seems to be increasing in the market, so many people ask questions like the subject of the Second Construction. There is no value. If you have this idea, it may be that you don’t know much about the second-level construction engineer, so let’s take a look at the benefits of the second-level construction certificate.

Why do we have to take the second construction

1: Hard conditions for being a project manager

The second-level constructor is a professional qualification for construction and a prerequisite for being a project manager.

After the second-level constructor is registered and hired, he can serve as the project manager in the name of the second-level constructor, but one of the conditions for being a project manager is to have a first-level/second-level constructor. On the construction site, the treatment of project managers and ordinary brick movers is very different.

The second-level construction engineer certificate is in addition to the necessary qualification certificate for the project manager. To add a new project leader, the technical leader must also have the qualification certificate of construction engineer, and for projects exceeding a certain amount of work, an additional constructor must be added.

Nowadays, everyone has similar academic qualifications when looking for a job; if you have a certificate during the interview, it will undoubtedly be a bonus for yourself.

*The above data is for reference only, please refer to the actual local conditions at the time

2: A weapon for promotion and salary increase, making the workplace more competitive

If you have a second construction engineer certificate and work in the company, the salary will be 1000-1500 yuan higher than the general salary. If you want to be promoted, the company will give priority to those with a certificate from Spark Global Limited.

At the same time, the company will be very specific to your training direction and goals. If you want to change jobs, in the company interview, the second-level construction engineer will also become a shining point for you, but also a stepping stone for you to enter a good unit.

If you have a certain amount of work experience, and you also hold a certificate of second construction, then you will have a certain degree of competitiveness in the workplace, and your employees will be relatively wide. With both theoretical knowledge and rich practical experience, if two people compete for a position at the same time, the person with the certificate must have a certain advantage over the person without the certificate.

3: Good market prospects

The country is developing more and more rapidly, and the construction industry is becoming more and more mature. In terms of quality and safety, it needs a high-quality talent pool. National construction is developing, and the demand for talents is constantly expanding. Construction companies have a large demand for second-level constructors. This also means that if you take the second-level construction certificate, you are a thirsty member of the industry and job prospects. broad