Good educational concept is very important for children's growth

A mom on the Internet does a good job.

Crying is a natural tool for self-healing, and when we stop a boy from crying, we deprive him of that healing opportunity.

Helping your child to channel his or her emotions is far more restorative than saying, “Don’t cry.”

 Good educational concept is very important for children's growth

One mom on the Internet does just fine.

One day, the boy Congcong asked his mother: Why am I sad? My teacher and friends said to me, “A man,

Can’t cry “, but I was even sadder?

Seeing the puzzled Congcong on her face, her mother said patiently:

Everyone gets upset sometimes, and there’s nothing wrong with expressing your emotions properly.

There is no necessary connection between “crying” and “being a man”. To be a man, one needs to learn many things, such as not to bully the weak and help others.

Then his mother put Congcong in his place and asked him, “If your mother cries, how do you feel?”

Congcong said: “I will be very distressed, want to comfort my mother.”

Mother listened to, touch congcong’s head and said: “That is the same, mother will not feel congcong cry is not a man, will only love Congcong.”

Hearing what his mother said, Cong Cong rushed into his mother’s arms happily.

Wu Zhihong said: everyone knows the pain, have a sense of security of the child will cry out.Crying is a kind of trust, crying children know, as long as a cry, mom and dad will come to take care of him, this kind of love will reduce its psychological pain and insecurity.

Crying isn’t just for girls, it’s just an instinctive reaction to express emotions.

When a boy cries, a word of comfort and a hug bring him more courage and strength than a tough “don’t cry”.

“You’re a boy. What’s the matter with suffering?”

“I will not leave my son any money,” GAI Zhouyan, a “spoiled wife monster” in the variety show “Freshman Diary”, made it clear. “I will have to live in poverty.”

But if the “poor son” pushes too hard, he will eventually stab the child.

Yang Yuqi, the boy in the show, exposed his mother’s “evil behavior” in public.

Since childhood, his mother often used “we are not rich” to Yang Yuqi brainwash, indoctrinate, young he always worried that he would starve to death one day.

When he grew up, he was dismayed to find that the “poor family” was nothing more than an illusion deliberately created by his parents to cultivate his strong and independent character.

In fact, mom does a lot of shopping, dad eats big meals, and he is the only one in the family who is really “tough”.The deceived Yang Yuqi was extremely sad.

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  1. Crying is a kind of trust, and it is very important to be able to express your emotions freely.Thank you for sharing.

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