Step by step is the way

People without goals, life is vacant, so to help children set goals.

The goal is not too big, to set out from reality, down-to-earth, within one’s ability, it is impossible to eat into a fat man.

For example, learning, the original score of 60, then you set the goal is not a hundred, can be 70 or 75 points.Step by step, children can see the rewards of success.If the child is too big and doesn’t achieve it, then he may become depressed and his previous efforts may be in vain.

At the same time, after the goal has been achieved, don’t stay arrogant, should move towards a higher goal.

There is a psychological “apple-picking theory” : a person who wants to succeed should always strive to pick those who need to jump to reach the “apples” – goals.Such people, always set higher goals for themselves, always look forward to a better future.Even if they do not achieve their desired goals, their subsequent success is often better than that of those who always pick the “apples” within reach!

Parents are their children’s first teachers and role models.

Some of your words and deeds have a direct impact on their physical and mental development.Parents are like a mirror, reflecting the child’s personality and development direction.

Some parents do not allow their children to watch TV, afraid to delay their children’s study, they put the child into another room, closed the door, but he watched TV.I want to say: might that door block the sound, might that door block the child’s desire to watch TV?

People in another room, but the heart flew to the television.Because being a parent who neglects you has the opposite effect on your child, you don’t have a role model, you don’t have a role model.

Have you ever thought about how children feel when parents take a lot of people to play mahjong at home, with smoke curling up in the air?

Have you thought about your child’s learning environment?When you ask your child to handle the CARDS for you, don’t you think your child is going to follow in your footsteps?

When parents swear, do you ever wonder if your children hear them?What do you do when you hear that?Osmosis, influence, is huge.

The environment, especially the family environment, is the first environment in which every child’s personality is formed, so, please do your family environment, do well.

I like to play backgammon, but can’t play chess, my son insisted that I accompany him to play chess, I had to watch TV side random put pieces, my son did not say what not to play.

A few days later, his head teacher let me see a son to write the article “feel playing chess”, he said, when playing chess mother so not serious, just in dealing with me, adult work is so casual, and how to ask me to do things every day seriously?Adults are role models for children…I am ashamed to read this article.

A child saying such things makes me think that adults should not underestimate what a child thinks or be indifferent to what they say or do.You’re wrong when you think your actions and actions have little effect on your child, or when you think your child is too young to understand anything.

Friends, parents, strict with yourself, words and actions to be cautious.Because you have the most immediate and permanent audience — your children!

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