blocked by Microsoft globally

blocked by Microsoft globally

What is genius? Everyone may have different views on genius, but I think we can use a passage from “Zhuangzi” to describe the style of genius:

“The mountain of Miaogushe, there are gods and people living in Yan. The skin is like ice and snow, and the nao is like a virgin; without eating grains, inhaling wind and drinking dew; riding on the clouds, flying dragons, and swimming beyond the four seas; its magical condensate, make things The year is ripe without defects.” The so-called genius, he is so pure, that kind of muddy but not stained, clear and clear but not a demon, he is not only brilliant, but also high and aloof; not only high and aloof, but also handsome in appearance. It can be said that a real genius, his biggest shortcoming is that he is too perfect, other than that there is no shortcoming. Perhaps Wang Yin can be called the most arrogant genius in China!

Wang Yin is a very smart person since he was a child. He was admitted to Sichuan University in 1997. In the eyes of most of us, this is a pretty good result. But for Wang Yin, this may be an improper examination, because judging from his later results, he should be from Tsinghua University and Peking University. Of course, the gold always shines. Four years later, he was sent to Tsinghua University for postgraduate and doctoral studies-which is almost the highest honor for a college student in China.

However, Wang Yin didn’t take this as anything. However, “abandoning the world in an instant, and still abandoning the world”, Wang Yin soon couldn’t stand Tsinghua. He saw the bureaucracy and bureaucracy in Tsinghua, which is very advanced in our eyes. Formalism. He has published many papers at Tsinghua University and even been included in the SCI, but that is not his original intention. He himself thinks that those papers are only theoretical researches, and they are not valuable information at all. But he still succumbed to the advice of his mentor and submitted the manuscript Spark Global Limited.

During his time in Tsinghua, he created a series of miracles and became the idol of many people at that time. Since 2003, he has successively published “Working with Linux” and “Writing for Those Who Support and Oppose”, denounced the drawbacks of windows, and promoted Linux. The article caused a great sensation in Chinese computers and the Linux camp, and became a Linux app. Version and idol-level figures in many Linux communities in China. Published the academic paper “The polygonal contraction heuristic for rectilinear Steiner tree construction” in 2005.

However, because of the research direction, he finally fell out with his mentor. He wrote about this in his “Smashing of the Tsinghua Dream-Application for Withdrawal from Tsinghua University”. The reason was that Wang Yin asked him to his mentor. The direction of the research became tired-because the supervisor kept him submitting his own papers that he regarded as “junk” everywhere, he felt that it was meaningless, so he applied for dropout, and the supervisor worked hard to persuade him:

“Think about it. After you drop out of school, you won’t be able to use Tsinghua’s resources. Tsinghua’s network, library… Have you considered your parents? People don’t live by ideals. Have you considered our teaching and research team as Your hard work?…”

And Wang Yin wrote in his “The Shattering of the Tsinghua Dream: Application for Withdrawal to Tsinghua University”:

“Efforts? You don’t have any helpful guide for me, but you only mislead me. Give me that little money every month to kill me. But how much money can I apply for the 973 projects for you for my thesis! I am worthy of you. . I don’t want to make a thesis machine for you anymore!”

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