Good educational concept is very important for children's growth

What does everyone think of their son

In a variety show, S joked about Wang Xiaofei’s “parenting ideas”.

As we all know, Big S is very hard to give birth to. His first child was a daughter, and his second son was very dangerous. Fortunately, he survived in the end.

Good educational concept is very important for children's growth

However, towards this pair of children, the husband and wife’s attitude is completely different.

Compared with Big S, who treats her children equally, Wang’s childcare scales have tilted so much that she is “off the earth”!

Daughter was gently scratched to, he excited and care-ridden said: “the baby is all right, there is no fracture, quickly call an ambulance!”

Son for fear of the earthquake was frightened to cry, but he shouted: “you a boy, the earthquake has what to cry?”

Also home from work, her daughter and son ran to meet her father.

To her daughter, Wang xiaofei said, “Baby come here, dad hug ~”

To the son, Wang Xiaofei immediately changed a face: “call what father, speak well, call father.”

Even good friend Qin Hao can not see down, ridicule Wang Xiaofei “double standard disease” is too serious.

In real life, the stereotype that boys should be sick is deeply rooted in many people’s minds.

“A daughter loves a son very much.”

“You have to be strong, because you’re a boy.”

“Is the boy spending money?”…

Parents’ language is the entrance to children’s understanding of the world, is the soil for children to grow up, but sometimes we hang on the mouth, but like a blunt knife, inadvertently left on the boy accumulated scars.

There are boys in the family. Try to keep these three sentences to a minimum.

“Boy still cry, lose not disgrace?”

Have seen a “boys don’t cry” movie, especially love the boy in the film.

When the boy was playing with his partner, the father would take away the toy in his hand and say, “You are a boy, you need to build strong muscles, not these.”

When he was sad, his mother would shout, “How can a boy cry?”

The parents’ original intention was not wrong, but the emphasis on making the boy strong can also have the opposite effect.

Because his emotions have never been seen, the channel of emotional release has been blocked.

At the end of the film, the overburdened emotional garbage finally broke the boy down, unable to find a reasonable way to vent, he can only use violence to vent his dissatisfaction.

Crying is a natural tool for self-healing, and when we stop a boy from crying, we deprive him of that healing opportunity.

Helping your child to channel his or her emotions is far more restorative than saying, “Don’t cry.”

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