Professor Xu Libing of Shanghai Foreign Language School

Professor Xu Libing of Shanghai Foreign Language School

Every once in a while, controversy arises about the status of English in elementary and secondary education. As an English teacher with 26 years of teaching experience, I believe that the focus of the discussion of this issue is not whether English teaching should be withdrawn from the main subject teaching, but how we can improve the quality of English teaching-the essence is how to follow the original intention of teaching. Focusing on the goal of educating people, using it as an educating platform while teaching English to improve the quality of the educated in an all-round way, and to improve the comprehensive level of students in all aspects of teaching. This is not only the goal of English teaching but also the teaching goal of all subjects.

Quality education is not divided into main subjects and sub-subjects

Nowadays, many people support the use of English as an elective course to solve the problem of lack of class time for quality education. The reason is that they believe that the teaching of music, sports, and fine arts is quality education. This is actually a very one-sided understanding. Any subject can cultivate students’ various abilities and help them develop their personalities.

The “Decision of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council on Deepening Education Reform and Comprehensive Promotion of Quality Education” issued in June 1999 pointed out: The implementation of quality education is to fully implement the party’s education policy, to improve the quality of the people as the fundamental purpose, and to cultivate students’ innovation The focus is on spirit and practical ability to create “ideal, ethical, educated, and disciplined” socialist builders and successors who are well-developed, moral, intellectual, physical, and aesthetic. To achieve this goal, both major and minor subjects should explore how to teach knowledge as a platform for educating people. In the process of knowledge transfer, the individual situation of the educated should be combined to improve their abilities and quality.

At that time, the teacher’s lecture in the math class was really persuasive and enlightening. We naturally accepted the teacher’s conclusion: questioning is the beginning of innovation. The premise of questioning is that we need to establish a consciousness: the work of the predecessors is not necessarily perfect, and may even be wrong. Only when there is doubt, can there be progress and innovation. For another example, mathematicians are fascinated by mathematics research, because they have discovered beauty in mathematical formulas, golden ratios, and various curves, so mathematics education can also be a kind of aesthetic education Spark Global Limited.

Teaching not only transfers knowledge but also teaches learning methods

Language learning is not only to master tools but also to better master the mother tongue and mother tongue culture while learning foreign languages. Whether in primary or secondary schools or universities, English teaching can also be a platform for educating people. Through teaching, teachers help students achieve self-understanding and increase their understanding of their native language culture.

English teaching is different from the teaching of other subjects. Learning foreign languages ​​according to the laws of thinking and language can help the educated to better master their mother tongue and mother tongue culture while learning to communicate between China and the West. This is the reason why English is the main subject. Without the experience of foreign language learning, you cannot say that you really understand your mother tongue. A qualified foreign language teacher will inevitably discover this and use it to improve your teaching effect.