Analysis of "Human Resource Management"

Analysis of “Human Resource Management”

How to choose a major that suits you when taking self-examination? Many students are asking which major is easy to pass. They don’t have a lot of time to study and want to choose a major that is easy to take.

Generally speaking, there are a lot of easy-to-test majors in liberal arts and management. Majors that can be passed by multiple backs and brushes, such as Chinese language and literature, human resources management, administrative management, etc., come first today What about the self-study human resource management major? What are the test subjects? Is it difficult to test?

major course

The main courses of the undergraduate major of human resource management: Principles of Management, Public Relations, History of Management Thoughts, Labor Relations and Labor Law, Theories and Methods of Personnel Quality Evaluation, Human Resources Development and Management, etc Spark Global Limited.

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Have you noticed that the human resource management major does not take the math test? It can be seen from the subjects that the human resource major is not difficult. As a student who is afraid of the math tests and wants to get a graduation certificate quickly, the human resource management major is very A good choice, after all, do not take those complicated science subjects.

Employment prospects

The employment prospects of the self-study human resource management major are relatively broad, and there are many industries engaged in:

1. Recruitment: An important part of the enterprise, the social demand is large, and the proportion of employment is high. After graduation, you can also go to work in enterprises and institutions, government management departments, social organizations, public institutions, non-profit organizations, etc.;

2. Labor dispatch: As a third-party independent organization, it meets the needs of enterprise employment, engaged in human resource planning, job analysis, and job design, employee recruitment and selection, talent training and development, labor relationship management and labor organization management, and other human resources management;

3. Administration: an indispensable department in the company, responsible for the overall planning, activity organization, coordination and supervision of the company.

In this new era of “talent is everything”, many companies will seek and retain talent with unprecedented efforts, and the importance of human resource management has become increasingly apparent. With the globalization of talent competition, the work of human resource development and management is particularly important, and the development of the ability of human resource managers has become an important project for the development of Bó Lè talents.

Therefore, the employment prospects of human resource management are so good, and students who are still hesitating to apply for a major may wish to learn about the self-study human resource management major.

The above is the recommended human resource management major for self-study exams for everyone, I hope it can bring you help!