3 sentences came up during the interview

3 sentences came up during the interview

       I believe that many readers have had the experience of partial subjects during their schooling, even if they are academic masters, it is difficult to say that they have never partial subjects. There are many reasons for partial subjects. One is that they are not interested in the subject at all, and the other is that they are very difficult to learn and have to give up. Of course, there is no right or wrong for partial subjects, but under the education system of our country, it is really difficult for the students of partial subjects to get out of the siege.

Although there are tens of millions of students in partial subjects every year, people like Wang Shengyang in Jimo City, Shandong Province are still quite rare. This student, known as the “Shandong geek”, has had several twists and turns with mathematics. This student, who has never attended a math class, achieved a perfect score in mathematics during the college entrance examination last year. How did he do it? What caused him not to take a math class? Let me listen to the author slowly Spark Global Limited.

Wang Shengyang was born in Jimo, Qingdao, Shandong in 2001. He was born after 00. Perhaps he is not sensitive to numbers. Since he was in elementary school, his mathematics has been the last in the class. It is also because of the bottom position for many years that Wang Shengyang has great resistance to mathematics, which also makes his mathematics performance vicious circle, and has not improved.

However, when he arrived at junior high school, he didn’t know whether it was sudden enlightenment or a good meal. Wang Shengyang suddenly became interested in mathematics. Although his foundation is quite weak, he still has a hardworking and inquisitive heart. In order to narrow the gap with classmates in mathematics as soon as possible, Wang Shengyang often studied late at night. Every time he encountered a question he didn’t understand, he would take the initiative to go to the office to consult the teacher. After three years of junior high school, he ran the office more often than the teacher himself.

It is precise because of this urge to refuse to admit defeat, Wang Shengyang’s mathematics has gradually improved, and he has not only gradually kept up with the pace of his classmates. As time passed, Wang Shengyang’s problem-solving speed became faster and faster. Later, even ordinary beginners could not satisfy his desires, and Wang Shengyang began to study high school mathematics by himself.

By the time of the high school entrance examination, Wang Shengyang had already mastered the high school math textbooks by heart. It can be said that he has mastered all the mathematics knowledge in high school for 3 years. Therefore, after entering high school, Wang Shengyang simply didn’t even go to math class. As soon as he arrived in the math class and saw all his familiar knowledge, he began to read books on other subjects or went to sleep.

The math teacher naturally quit and wanted to teach Wang Shengyang this sting many times. However, in every math test, Wang Shengyang always topped the list, which also left him speechless.

Therefore, after three years of high school, Wang Shengyang can say that he has never heard of a complete math class. After a semester, his math book is even newer than the new book. Even so, his relationship with his math teacher is still quite good. I often “discuss Dao” with mathematics teachers, and they discuss better ways to solve problems. It can be said that Wang Shengyang no longer looks like a student, but looks like a colleague of the teacher.