Moutai promised to support 4 years

Moutai promised to support 4 years

      There is a saying in “Shang Zhongyong”: “It is a person who is wise and talented. It is for everyone, and it is not for others.” From ancient times to the present, it is unknown how many days it was born in Chinese history. Proud sons, all of them are leaders of the times, and they have wisdom far beyond ordinary people at a young age. However, compared with talent, the hard work of the day after tomorrow is the most important thing, blindly complacent will only fail to make progress, and the once bold words and lofty ambitions will eventually turn into dreams.

Liao Wei was born in 1996 in a rural family in Xinglong Township, Dafang County, Guizhou Province. His father worked at the rural agricultural service station and his mother worked at home. For such a family, Liao Wei naturally became the key to changing its destiny. However, how talented can he be as an ordinary rural child? Although the parents have good ideas, in the face of reality, they have to take a long-term view. Unexpectedly, Liao Wei showed super memory when he was 2 years old. He could memorize a Tang poem several times after seeing it. By the age of 3, his reserve of Tang poems had reached several hundred, which was higher than that of his neighbor’s in elementary school. ‘S brother is much stronger Spark Global Limited.

As a result, Liao Wei was sent to elementary school by his parents when he was 5 years old. He is the youngest child in the class and the smartest at the same time. After several exams, Liao Wei has established the absolute strength of the first in the class. The teacher’s teaching content can no longer satisfy his desire for knowledge. Every day in class, he will change the way to give the teacher problems, even if sometimes embarrassing. In the situation, his approach hasn’t stopped in the slightest. As a result, Liao Wei completed the 6-year primary school course in two and a half years. During his middle school, he not only won many awards in the National Mathematical Olympiad but also received scholarships for consecutive years, saving his family a lot of money.

Many people think that behind the so-called “genius” is invisible sweat. The reason why Liao Wei is so good must be the education of his parents or the result of his hard work. Unfortunately, according to Liao Wei’s mother, she has never seen how much time her son spends on studying. Even in high school, he never survived a night. It can be seen from this that Liao Wei is indeed gifted. His concentration and comprehension are all first-rates in the world. If nothing else, he will surely make a blockbuster in the college entrance examination.

However, just as Liao Wei was advancing, his parents broke out fierce conflicts. His father believed that Liao Wei should slow down appropriately, and studying too utilitarianly was not conducive to long-term development. On the contrary, her mother encouraged Liao Wei to “faster”. A saying she often said was: You have already lost at the starting line. If you don’t catch up, how can you catch up with the children in those big cities? In this way, the two disagreeing people broke up and finally got divorced, while Liao Wei was sentenced to be raised by his mother, Hao Jiaqiong.

In 2008, Liao Wei took the college entrance examination in advance. After a year of surprise study, he finally got a good score of 563 points and was exceptionally admitted by the China Agricultural University. However, after Liao Wei was admitted to the university, tuition became a problem, and Hao Jiaqiong could not afford the tuition of 6000 yuan a year. In the next few days, Hao Jiaqiong borrowed money everywhere, but now she is only one step away. She said nothing would let tuition hinder her son’s study. At this time, Kweichow Moutai came out and they decided to subsidize the tuition of Liao Wei University for four years until he graduated.