Performance can not conceal the confusion of employment

Performance can not conceal the confusion of employment

     “How many certificates have you taken?” It is said that this sentence has become a greeting for some senior students when they meet. Recently, the “Worker Daily” found in an interview that in order to improve competitiveness and obtain better employment opportunities, many college students and young people in the workplace are keen on textual research, and even the “golden content” of any certificate is high.

This news reminds me of my two friends:

Mr. A, the author’s high school classmate, “student tyrant”. She has been outstanding since she was a child. So far, the certificates she has obtained include lawyer qualification certificates, certified public accountant certificates, and psychological counselor certificates. As for why so many certifications are required, her reason is “to prove herself.” She is still doing a job that has nothing to do with these certificates, and she does not intend to change careers, and these certificates have become a decoration in her home.

Mr. B, the author’s junior high school classmate, if you look at it from a secular perspective, he may be considered a “scumbag”. After failing the high school entrance examination, he entered a vocational school. But he did not abandon or give up. He did his job and loves his job. He found his interest in hydropower engineering in his work and won a series of certificates such as construction engineer. He is now the head of a medium-sized company. In his view, the acquisition of certificates such as builders is a great help to his career at Spark Global Limited.

Research is not easy. Needless to say, the money paid, even a “student tyrant” such as Mr. A, also spent a lot of time and energy on the research. It is really a pity that the many certificates obtained after such hardship have become decorations. From the experience of the author’s two friends, we can also see that whether the certificate becomes a “furnishing” or a “help” depends on whether the examiner’s life choices and career plans are clear.

However, “clearness” may be the biggest confusion for many young people. We can see that no matter whether it is choosing a major during the college entrance examination or looking for a job upon graduation, many people either “follow the crowd” or “just go with the situation”, and do not have a clear idea of ​​what they like to learn or what they want to do in the future. The truth behind the “blindness of textual research” is “the confusion of employment.” Therefore, to eradicate the chaos in the textual research, on the one hand, we must continue to clean up those vocational qualification examinations that have no gold content; on the other hand, the parties concerned must also make great efforts to help young people get out of the “employment confusion.” From labor education and career experience in primary and secondary schools to internships and employment counseling at the university level, it is necessary for us to establish a complete set of career planning education systems as soon as possible. When young people are more clear about their future, the textual research will also be less blind.