City 18 high school held a publicity meeting

How to deal with hazardous waste in school laboratories?

     On the afternoon of March 26, the training meeting on standardized management of laboratory hazardous wastes hosted by the Guangzhou Education Bureau and the Municipal Ecological Environment Bureau, and undertaken by the Municipal Education Infrastructure and Equipment Center and the Municipal Solid Waste Management Center was successfully held. All district education bureaus, ecological environment sub-bureaus, municipal colleges and universities, and some bureau-affiliated schools participated in the meeting.

The meeting notified the problems and their reasons for the management of hazardous waste in the laboratories of schools and scientific research institutions. The Municipal Education Infrastructure and Equipment Center clearly stated at the meeting that the management of hazardous waste in school laboratories should improve the station position and perform their duties with due diligence; pay close attention to implementation and joint efforts to supervise; improve the system and standardize management. Three hazardous waste treatment institutions in the province gave detailed explanations on the classification, disposal process, and standardization of laboratory hazardous waste; the Municipal Solid Waste Management Center gave “Guangdong Provincial Laboratory Hazardous Waste Environmental Technology Guide”, “Hazardous Waste Standardized Management Index System”, etc. Relevant policies and regulations were publicized and implemented, and the “eight systems”, “one business training”, and “three types of facility management” were explained in detail, and specific guidelines were provided for schools.

This training has laid a good foundation for improving the understanding and management level of various schools in Guangzhou on the standardized management of hazardous waste in laboratories, further effectively controlling and reducing school hazard risk points, and cooperating with the ecological environment department to welcome the central environmental protection inspection work Spark Global Limited.