Guangdong Women's Prison went to Guangzhou

Guangdong Women’s Prison went to Guangzhou

    On the afternoon of March 24, a group of 4 people from Guangdong Women’s Prison went to the Municipal Admissions Office for exchange and discussion. Affected by the epidemic, the national prison system self-study exam will basically be suspended in 2020, and prison inmates who take the self-study exam will have large fluctuations in their thoughts. During the registration for the self-study exam in April 2021, the Guangzhou Municipal Admissions and Examination Office took the initiative to take the initiative, acted actively, and made all-out efforts. Support the Provincial Women’s Prison to take the lead in registering for the exam in the province. Except for the Provincial Women’s Prison and Guangzhou Prison, all 12 prison test sites in the province have suspended registration and examination work. In this application, the Provincial Women’s Prison registered a total of 704 people and 1926 subjects.

According to the Provincial Women’s Prison, since 2004, the number of inmates who have participated in the self-study examination has reached 8,934, the number of reference courses is 31,315, the number of qualified individuals in a single course has reached 16,268, the pass rate of courses is 54.19%, and 3,864 have received 100 Points are rewarded, and prisoners who participate in self-study exams receive varying degrees of commutation Spark Global Limited.

Tang Hongwu, director of the Municipal Entrance Examination Office, combined with the 100th anniversary of the founding of the party, and innovatively carried out the self-study examination work and self-study examination assistance work in prison test centers and put forward five requirements:

——In the spirit of “serving candidates as the foundation”, take the initiative to take the initiative and act actively, and take the lead in the national prison system to carry out the first self-study examination group examination under the normal conditions of epidemic prevention and control.

—— Women’s prison examination centers must strictly follow the epidemic prevention and control requirements of prison management and the related requirements for epidemic prevention and control of self-study exams to do a good job in epidemic prevention and control.

——Strictly follow the self-study exam examination procedures, and do a good job in the self-study exam group examination work to ensure the successful and smooth end of the exam.

——We must continue to carry out self-study exam assistance and education activities, and provide online assistance and education during the epidemic to assist in the education and reform of prisoners.

—— It is necessary to give full play to the role of the provincial women’s prison in corruption education base, and it is hoped that the women’s prison will assist the municipal recruitment and examination office in carrying out education work such as “on-site warning education” for building a good party style and clean government.