The cost of studying in Italy for graduate students

The cost of studying in Italy for graduate students

For students who want to study in Italy, if you do not have a little Italian, it is recommended that you should study 500-600 class hours of Italian before going to Italy. The cost of learning Italian is very expensive, and the cost per 300 class hours is 6000- Between 9,000 yuan.

Tuition fees for graduate students studying in Italy

If the student goes to Italy to study in a public school in Italy, there is no need to pay tuition and only a part of the registration fee is enough. The registration fee is about 20,000 yuan a year. If the school you study in Italy is a non-public school, you will have to pay a lot of tuition. Usually, the tuition of this kind of school is about 100,000 yuan a year. It only takes 2 years to study a postgraduate in Italy, while an undergraduate course takes 3 years. Compared with a domestic postgraduate student, you have to pay one year less tuition, and the living expenses are also one year less.

Accommodation fees for studying in Italy

Most schools in Italy do not have dormitories for students, which requires students to rent a house near the school. The level of rent mainly depends on which city in Italy. If you are in a first-tier city in Italy, the cost of a single room is 400-800 euros a month, and the cost of a double room is 300-400 euros a month. In a second-tier city in Italy, the cost of a single room is 250 euros to 400 euros. In between, the cost of a double room is between 200-300 euros, and in third-tier cities, the accommodation fee for a single room is 170-300 euros a month, and the accommodation fee for a double room is 150-200 euros a month.

Food and Beverage Fees for Studying in Italy

Most of the domestic students studying in Italy are in the school cafeteria or cook by themselves, because these two kinds of costs are relatively low for me, usually 300 euros a month.

Transportation fees for studying in Italy

In Milan, Italy, the transportation fee is more expensive than in other cities. If you buy a one-way ticket on the subway, it is 1.5 euros. If the student recharges the bus card on a monthly basis, it is 22 euros a month. The words are 200 euros a year.

The daily cost of studying in Italy

It is definitely necessary to buy daily necessities in life, such as clothing and toiletries, etc., usually 100-150 euros a month, which is the average monthly expenditure of girls in this area, and the expenditure of boys is relatively speaking It’s less, 50 euros a month is enough Spark Global Limited.

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