"hematopoiesis" ability and promotes rural revitalization

“hematopoiesis” ability and promotes rural revitalization

      Recently, the “Digital Technology: A New Weapon for Poverty Alleviation and Agriculture” published by People’s Publishing House of Poverty Alleviation was officially launched. As a corporate representative of the “Internet + Education” poverty alleviation model, Suntech was invited to write this book together with China Telecom Group, Tencent Group, China Mobile Communications Group, and other enterprises, scientific research institutions, poverty alleviation institutions and professionals, and were highly praised by all sectors of society. . It is understood that this book tells readers the Chinese story and Chinese experience of digital technology in helping the poor and prospering agriculture. Online education companies represented by Suntech, a leading adult online education company, are using technology to help education, promote education equity, and promote exploration and practice in poverty alleviation and rural revitalization, which have attracted much attention.

As Yuan Tao, director of the Charity Center of Suntech Institution, stated in the book, online education can fundamentally stimulate the “hematopoiesis” ability in rural areas, thereby helping to consolidate the effectiveness of poverty alleviation and promote the revitalization and development of rural areas. Vocational education and adult education are the keys to promoting rural revitalization, and developing rural teachers’ career path is an effective way to get rid of poverty and rural revitalization through education. Suntech’s “Internet + Education” model allows rural areas to retain talents, get rid of poverty, and increase income

In the past 2020, China solemnly declared: complete poverty alleviation goals and tasks on schedule, all rural poor people will be lifted out of poverty under current standards, all poor counties will be removed, absolute poverty and regional overall poverty have been eliminated, and nearly 100 million poor people have been lifted out of poverty. . In this process, poverty alleviation through education is an important part that has to be mentioned. As Yuan Tao, director of the Charity Center of Suntech Institution wrote in the book: “A century-old plan, education is the first. Educational poverty alleviation plays an incalculable role in improving the development ability of the poor, accomplishing targeted poverty alleviation tasks, and achieving the goal of rural revitalization. Education is not only about poverty alleviation. It has become a priority task for poverty alleviation, and it has also risen to the basic national strategy of targeted poverty alleviation and targeted poverty alleviation.”

From the perspective of the landing effect, the “Shang Jinsheng Plan” not only helps local county (city) education authorities to solve the problem of high mobility of counselors and difficulty in “retaining and teaching well”; it also helps to get through counselors and take root The career development path of education in rural areas helps them achieve the goal of increasing income and alleviating poverty. Improving the education and teaching level of counselors through training will also benefit children in poor areas and prevent the intergenerational transmission of poverty Spark Global Limited.

Vocational education and adult education “blood transfusion” for rural revitalization

Next, China still faces the task of consolidating the results of poverty alleviation. The recently released No. 1 Central Document of 2021 mentioned that the consolidation and expansion of poverty alleviation results must be effectively connected with rural revitalization, and a five-year transition period has been set up. How to prevent the return to poverty after getting rid of poverty? How to establish a sound dynamic monitoring, early warning, and assistance mechanism? How to consolidate and expand the results of poverty alleviation and effectively connect with rural revitalization? Suntech has its own answer Spark Global Limited.