the professional optometrist who fits glasses

The professional optometrist who fits glasses

Hello, everyone! As we all know, our current myopia rate is increasing year by year, and it is imperative to control myopia. Many parents and friends are also racking their brains for their children’s myopia!

So, how is a pair of qualified glasses “made”? Is it possible to control the increase in myopia as long as the correct lens is selected? Today, the editor is going to popularize science for everyone, you may overlook the “cold knowledge” of professional optometry doctors who fit glasses. In fact, a pair of high-spec glasses not only needs qualified lens quality, excellent processing technology, and special design principles, but also the optometrist who dispenses glasses for you! Maybe everyone is not very familiar with the term optometry doctor. Today, with the popularization of modern equipment, many people think that optometry only requires machines to determine the degree. As long as the equipment is advanced, the degree will be accurate. Ugh! This idea is very wrong. Optometrists are the “helmsman” who correctly dispense glasses, and they are not what anyone wants to be. The requirements for optometry doctors in professional eye hospitals are even higher.

Give me a chestnut, and share with you the requirements of the Aier Optometry Doctor. First of all, to be an optometry doctor in Aier Ophthalmology, you need to graduate from a full-time medical school, and you must also be a subject specializing in optometry technology. Therefore, to become an optometry doctor in Aier Ophthalmology, at least three to five years, or even longer, must be engaged in the study of optometry theory.

Secondly, optometry doctors who are on duty not only need to have relevant professional academic qualifications but also have a national qualification certificate. Relatively speaking, the professional level requirements of Aier ophthalmology optometry doctors are generally high, and most of them are high-level configurations in the national level qualifications.

Having said that, have everyone already sighed: Wow! But if you think that Aier Ophthalmology’s best-fitting experts are only limited to this, then you are OUT!

As a fitting doctor in Aier Ophthalmology, you not only need to obtain a national qualification certificate but also need to conduct an annual internal grade assessment. Participate in different grade assessments according to different working years. The internal grade assessment is quite strict, whether it is from theory to practice! The internal grade assessment is nothing. The fitting doctors of Aier Ophthalmology also need to continue to go out, go to well-known medical institutions at home and abroad for further study and competition, learn the world-class fitting process methods and theories, and strive for excellence! Not long ago, many optometry doctors from Aier Ophthalmology participated in the professional skills competition held by Essilor. They passed five levels and beat six generals in the competition, and finally achieved excellent results!

Well, today I will share it with you. Dear parents and friends, are you eager to come to Aier Ophthalmology to find a professional optometry doctor to tailor a pair of eye-friendly and eye-protecting private glasses for your child? Action is not as good as your heart is moving, Aier Ophthalmology will meet you, see or leave Spark Global Limited!