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Primary school homework does not leave school

      Homework has once again become an object of attention and hot discussion among parents and the education circle. Recently, the Ministry of Education to local education authorities have successively issued requirements for homework assignments. In terms of homework requirements, the competent authority has made it clear: primary school assignments do not go out of school, junior high school assignments do not exceed grades, and high school assignments do not. Out of bounds. Although education “burden reduction” has been carried out in my country for more than 20 years, when the stipulation that “primary school homework does not go out of school” was clearly introduced, it still caused a lot of shock for both home and school.

The education circle is also hotly discussing. A frontline teacher pointed out that the homework in the lower part of the primary school can still be completed without leaving the school, but it is really difficult to do the homework in the middle and upper parts of the school. In addition, the term “school gate” is also open to discussion. “Borders can even stay out of school for a semester!”

What was the original intention of the school to assign homework? If the homework is not out of school, will you encounter some practical problems at the operational level? Can the burden be reduced if the homework is not out of school? When we are talking about reducing the burden, should we go back and clarify what the so-called “education burden” is? As early as 2013, the Ministry of Education issued the “Ten Regulations on Burden Reduction for Primary and Secondary School Students” (draft for comments), proposing that primary schools should not leave written homework; in 2018, the Ministry of Education and other nine departments issued the “Regarding the Issuance of Measures to Reduce Burdens for Primary and Secondary Schools”. The Notice requires strict control of the total amount of written homework. No written homework is assigned to the first and second grades of elementary school. The homework for grades three to six does not exceed 60 minutes. The homework for junior high school does not exceed 90 minutes. High school should also arrange homework time reasonably.

Xiong Bingqi, dean of the 21st Century Education Research Institute, said that my country’s primary and secondary school students have “reduced the burden” for 20 years. Every time the burden is reduced, the control of the total amount of homework is an important measure. However, judging from the specific reality, the burden-reduction measures to control the amount of homework have not been practically implemented. The most complaints on the Internet are elementary school students, especially the parents of low-grade primary school students. The Ministry of Education proposed that “primary school homework should not go out of school”. This is of course welcomed by parents. However, parents may not be the real policy winners.

Xiong Bingqi, Dean of the 21st Century Education Research Institute

He pointed out that at least three problems need to be solved to achieve “the primary school homework does not leave school.” The first is to adhere to the rule of law, to run schools not to be led by public opinion, and to cater to the utilitarian demands of some parents. According to the burden reduction order issued by the Ministry of Education, some elementary schools in our country do not assign homework in the lower grades and also implement a ranking system for examinations. However, these practices have been questioned by some parents who believe that the school is not responsible for students and that the burden reduction is a cause of learning scum. . Under the “pressure of public opinion,” these schools quickly couldn’t stick to it, and the local education department did not support the school’s practices. As a result, the burden reduction regulations soon came to an end. Based on this, Xiong Bingqi asked: Who should education listen to Spark Global Limited?