Stay-at-home dads take care of their children

Housewives are pushed into different positions by the whole family

One of the comments struck home:

The only man with a child’s father divorced, I don’t know how so many people in China with children of the treasure of the mother was robbed.

A person with child’s suffering and tired, experienced people all know.

Stay-at-home moms are pushed into positions by the whole family

Stay-at-home dads take care of their children

I have a friend who graduated from a prestigious university and was an executive in a start-up company. Her husband has a successful career and bought the best house in the school district for his children.

To outsiders, she was a winner.

Until one day, the mother-in-law of a sentence gave her a blow – “when the mother only want to make money, children do not need education?”

It turned out that due to frequent business trips, she had little time to take care of her child, who was taken by her mother-in-law for most of the time after birth.

After the child goes to kindergarten, the teacher often responds that he can’t sit still in class and his concentration is poor.

In the face of the upcoming children, other people’s children have begun all kinds of preparation, and her children can not even write a few words…

She asked herself if she would regret missing this stage of her child’s education.

When an inner voice said “yes”, she forced herself to let go and decided to become a stay-at-home mom.

After all, a busy husband can’t count on it.

Since then, she began to pick up her children to various training classes, accompany them to participate in various activities of the “chicken baby” road, every little thing in life, also have to do.

Tired of facing her children, she often fails to be gentle and even occasionally breaks down.

However, their “choice” of the road, kneeling to go.

Some mothers return to their families, completely passively.

No one in the home to help look at baby, baby at home when hungry to feed, a little bit bigger after school also need to pick up, please nanny is not assured, also expensive.

How to do?I had to quit my job and go home full-time to take care of my baby.

How many stay-at-home moms are too scared


There’s a video that’s been trending on facebook called “My Wife Doesn’t Have a Job.”


The wife, like most stay-at-home moms, holds multiple jobs and is on call 24 hours a day, all year round.

However, in the eyes of her family, she did all this for granted.


Not only money has no confidence, even let the husband do housework is no longer tough.

Some time ago, there was a young mother in her pajamas, sitting barefoot on the window of the corridor on the 11th floor of the community, and she wanted to jump off.


When the police arrived at the scene, she cried excitedly —


“My child is now 16 months old, can only call father does not call mother, he says I have no good education!”

“The baby was born prematurely and was learning to speak slowly. He blamed me all for it!”

“I am so busy with my child every day, he said I just know how to play with my phone!”


After giving birth, she quit her job and became a stay-at-home mom.Take care of the children, do the housework, busy every day.


Instead, he scolded her for doing nothing all day and not educating her children well.


What overwhelms a stay-at-home mom is not physical fatigue, but emotional pain.When their pay again and again be ignored, the kind of sad, enough to eat the heart.

Sometimes stay-at-home moms have to put up with misunderstandings from their families.

One netizen joked that since becoming a stay-at-home mom, she rarely buys clothes for herself.

Only once did she take advantage of a sale at a shopping mall and buy herself a coat she would not normally be willing to buy.

After buying back, her mother-in-law began to make a strange appearance

“You’re not going to work. Why are you so well dressed?”

“You should be considerate to your husband, he is too hard. You have to live!”

Mother-in-law’s words like a knife cut her heart, knife saw blood.

Sometimes stay-at-home moms are excluded from the group of “independent women.”

Sometimes even unrelated outsiders can look at stay-at-home moms with a condescending look, assuming they are “enjoying” but not seeing what they have to do.

It’s even harder for stay-at-home moms to get back into the workforce.

In the variety show “I am an actor”, the actor playing shen meizhuang in Zhen Huan once sighed and said:

“I used to be a kid for a living and it didn’t matter if I took a year or two off. I had a lot of shows before, so maybe I was a little confident, but I did get hit in the face.”

Stars give birth to children at home full-time for one or two years, will be “abandoned” by the market, let alone ordinary people?

Every stay-at-home mom, you know, is on the hook.

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  1. Housework is a very difficult thing to do, it takes two people to work together, joint struggle is the best thing.Thank you for sharing.

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