Expressing dissatisfaction with the trial education

Expressing dissatisfaction with the trial education

     In our country, the college entrance examination is highly valued as a key part of exam-oriented education, and the ten-year study career seems to be a few hours for the college entrance examination. In people’s traditional concept, although the college entrance examination is not the only way to determine fate, it is indeed a relatively fair shortcut that can change a life. However, there are still many people who are dissatisfied or even disgusted with the domestic test-oriented education, and even deliberately express their dissatisfaction with the way of education by taking low scores in the examination room. There was once such a person who used a zero score in the college entrance examination to “confront” exam-oriented education, and she was Jiang Duoduo. I have been dissatisfied for a long time, and have reported to no avail many times

Jiang Duoduo was born in a peasant family, and his family conditions are not very good. Although he has land, his family has to support three children to live and study. Jiang Duoduo’s father became an insurance clerk, and the family relied on her and his mother to work in the field. Due to the difficulties of the native family, Jiang Duoduo’s parents value her study very much and hope that she can change her destiny through the college entrance examination and have a brighter future. But Jiang Duoduo, who was still a student, did not understand the painstaking efforts of parents and teachers. Before the college entrance examination, Jiang Duoduo preferred liberal arts and fell in love with writing. At the same time, she was very dissatisfied with the college entrance examination system due to the influence of the text while reading the books and her youthful rebellion. She also reported to the school several times, hoping that the college entrance examination system could be reformed.

In the end, Jiang Duoduo’s comprehensive test paper was really awarded zero points, and her total score in the college entrance examination was only 114 points. Because of this incident, Jiang Duoduo received widespread attention from the Education Bureau and all walks of life. On the day the college entrance examination was scored, the teacher’s call was directly made to Jiang Duoduo Middle School. Jiang Duoduo’s mother did not even know the matter when she received the call.

Jiang Duoduo himself didn’t expect that his actions would cause such an uproar, and reporters would come to interview him every two days at home. At this time, Jiang Duoduo began to panic and asked the teacher what he should do next. But at that time the Jiang Duoduo incident had broken out, and the teacher had no choice at all.

On impulse, pressure will follow

During the exam, Jiang Duoduo seemed very relaxed, but after the exam, pressure from family and society quickly surged. As mentioned earlier, Jiang Duoduo’s family conditions are not good. In fact, the family hopes that she can pass the college entrance examination and enter university like her sister. Not to mention a good future, the village will also honor her parents. After the exam, Jiang Duoduo’s father asked Jiang Duoduo how he did in the exam, because it is said that the college entrance examination questions that year were not difficult, and Jiang Duoduo told his father that it was impossible to enter a university. After Jiang’s father heard about it, although he was a little disappointed, he didn’t think too much, let alone that his daughter would have done such a shocking thing. Jiang Duoduo herself knew that her behavior would cause inconvenience and harm to her family, so she had been prepared, frugal, saved 200 yuan, and wanted to go to work elsewhere. However, reality quickly overwhelmed Jiang Duoduo. She found that society was far less simple than she thought. Before long, Jiang Duoduo returned home in disgrace, facing doubts and pressure from his parents and society Spark Global Limited.