Education and Technology Bureau holds 2021 education work

Education and Technology Bureau holds 2021 education work

On March 19th, the Ningwu County Educational Technology Bureau held the 2021 Education Work and Comprehensive Party Strict Governance Work Conference. Wang Qiang, member of the county government party group, attended the meeting and delivered a speech. Meng Jianqing, secretary of the party group of the county education and technology bureau and chief principal of the middle school education group, Li Guicai, the leader of the eighth dispatched disciplinary inspection and supervision team, and all members of the county education and technology bureau, the heads of the bureau’s departments, and the school The principal and kindergarten principal attended the meeting.

The meeting read out the “Notice of the Ningwu County Education and Technology Bureau on the Division of Work of the Bureau Leadership”. The members of the bureau’s leadership team made detailed arrangements and deployments for their respective duties. Meng Jianqing and Li Guicai respectively represented the County Educational Technology Bureau and the Eighth Discipline Inspection and Supervision Team dispatched to the county’s primary and secondary school principals and kindergarten principals to sign the “2021 Ningwu County Primary and Secondary School Teachers’ Moral Construction Responsibility Letter”.

The meeting pointed out that after the great attention and strong support of previous county party committees and county governments, and the determined reforms and bold innovations of previous bureau leaders, Ningwu Education has shown a booming upward trend, and high school education has ranked among the forefront of the city. Last year, all indicators ranked It ranks among the top three in the city; junior high school education is advancing two places in the city and is moving forward steadily; the foundation of elementary education is solid and stable.

The meeting emphasized that, first, we must do a good job in team building. It is necessary to build a learning-oriented leadership team, adhere to democratic centralism, effectively change the style of work, implement strong execution, unite and cooperate, base on reality, and plan as a whole to lay a solid foundation for smooth development of various tasks this year. Second, we must pay close attention to the construction of the teaching staff. Educational departments and schools should institutionalize and normalize the construction of teacher ethics and style, and actively select and establish advanced models of teacher ethics and style, and give priority to model selection, promotion, and promotion. It is necessary to continue to do a good job in the recruitment of county-managed schools, do a good job in recruiting new teachers, and strengthen exchanges between key teachers in county schools and teachers in township schools.

The third is to deepen education reform. It is necessary to continue to promote group-based schooling, give full play to the leading role of high-quality schools, keep pace with the times, continuously improve their own school-running levels, and promote the balanced and high-quality development of all branch schools. Under the leadership of the lead school, each branch school should update its school-running philosophy, improve the quality of the team, focus on connotation development, boldly reform and innovate, enhance its own hematopoietic function, and achieve common development Spark Global Limited.

Fourth, we must promote the improvement of education quality. It is necessary to continue to implement the principal appointment system and the tenure target responsibility system, increase the training of faculty, implement the “national training plan”, expand the scale of “going out and inviting in”, pay attention to assimilating advanced experience from other places, and establish and improve the responsibility of school supervisors. We will strictly honor rewards and punishments, continue to strengthen teaching management, earnestly do a good job of preparing for the college entrance examination and high school entrance examination, further increase the pass rate of the high school entrance examination and high school entrance examination, and make positive contributions to the revitalization of Ningwu education.