Nanjing mother counseled her daughter to do homework

Nanjing mother counseled her daughter to do homework

This is our parents. They have not been students for a long time. They have forgotten themselves when they were students. If parents can try their own learning, they will change their cognition and not be so angry.

Some people will not be convinced, who has never been a student? Do you remember the middle process of understanding the text from not recognizing a single word? It’s like knowing in a blink of an eye, because our brain selectively forgets many details.

After adults start working, it becomes very difficult to obtain vocational certificates. These certificates only need to pass an exam. But if your child scores 60 points, you have to spank him, and the knowledge of the vocational certificate is basically a mechanical memory, and it does not exceed the cognitive level. For example, the certified public accountant certificate of the accounting examination, in which knowledge of accounting, tax law, and auditing is closely related to the usual work. It only expanded the scope and depth and did not suddenly upgrade to the econometric model and so on.

Sometimes a child’s learning needs to cross the cognitive level, and sometimes you tell him a problem, and he always does not understand it, which often crosses his level. When they can’t understand, their parents’ faces become ugly, and their children become timider. Some began to guess, some were at a loss, and some began to avoid crying and resisting. Parents are angrier and scolding, and children are more timid, crying, and rebellious, thus entering a vicious circle.

Learning itself is against human nature. Being difficult to understand is also human nature. Modern society requires efficiency in everything, including learning. But our brains are not evolving so fast. In the long years of evolution, our brains are more adapted to learn in play and learn in practice. But this is too inefficient. Now some training institutions can achieve good results by using parental anxiety to promote learning while playing. If you do it, you know that it is really fun to learn while playing, but the efficiency is relatively low. I only talk about ordinary people here. The principle is like, you cannot use winning the lottery as a way to get rich. Unfortunately, for most people, learning to be effective must be painful. If parents can learn by themselves, personally recall the pain of learning, feel that they are beyond the scope of cognition, and find that they suddenly become stupid pigs, become overwhelmed, self-blame, ashamed, and hate learning, then many things will be easy to solve.

For example, in some schools, the style of study is too rigid. The teacher arranges a pile of simple and repetitive homework and tries to communicate with the teacher to reduce the amount. Even if communication fails, you can encourage your child to give up some homework. For example, everyone else attends extracurricular tutoring classes, and English, math, Chinese, programming, piano, and basketball are rotated one after the other. You can choose and adjust according to your child’s situation, rather than blindly follow the trend and push upward. Seeing children ditching, think about how you scrabble at work during the day, how to swipe your phone in meetings, and how deadlines force you to open Word and write headlines. You may not be able to solve his procrastination, but at least you are calm Spark Global Limited.