canteens receive subsidies for children’s lunches

canteens receive subsidies for children’s lunches

Whether students’ food at school is good and whether they can get enough is a matter of concern to parents and directly related to the growth and health of students. Starting this year, our city will continue to increase the standardization of rural primary and secondary canteens. The 25 rural small-scale primary and secondary canteens will receive a total of 2.1 million yuan in financial subsidies each year.

At noon, in the cafeteria of Zhangjiatun Elementary School in Puji Town, students are lining up for a meal in an orderly manner. As in the past, today’s dishes are still two meats and one vegetarian, two staple foods, and one soup. After students pick up the meal as needed, they sit at the table and eat with relish.

Zhangjiatun Primary School student Wang Zihan

Except for students, many teachers do not go home at noon and choose to have lunch at school. Teacher Gao Lina told reporters that compared with before, the school’s canteen conditions are better now, with more emphasis on nutritional collocation and improved quality of dishes. It is convenient and safe to eat here.

Gao Lina, a teacher at Zhangjiatun Primary School

Ding Wanchun, principal of Zhangjiatun Primary School

It is understood that the city has invested more than 72.5 million yuan to build 103 standardized canteens. Starting this year, 25 of these small rural primary and middle school canteens will receive a total of 2.1 million yuan in financial subsidies each year. Like the cafeteria of Zhangjiatun Primary School, the cafeteria of Loujing Primary School in Jiaoxi Street is also within the scope of subsidies. The school used all the subsidies given by the municipal government this year to improve the quality of nutritional lunch for students, so that students can grow up healthily.

Zhao Peng, principal of Loujing Primary School

In order to make the 2.1 million yuan of financial subsidy really be used, the subsidized school will publicize the student meal recipes and prices in the restaurant every week, and also publicize it through WeChat, public accounts, etc., and accept parental and social supervision. At the same time, Increase the intensity of regular assessment of implementation effects to ensure that the subsidy funds are accurately implemented.

Yuan Peng, person in charge of the Logistics Management Service Center of the Municipal Education and Sports Bureau

Everyone is responsible for epidemic prevention and control

Scientific prevention and control to defeat the epidemic

1. Wear a mask, wash your hands frequently, ventilate often, and gather less.

2. Reduce the flow of people, reduce travel risks, reduce crowd gathering, and strengthen personal protection.

3. Do not leave the country, do not get together, do not go to medium- and high-risk areas.

4. Avoid staying when you go out on a staggered peak, stick to a distance of one meter, and don’t touch your hands with frozen food.

5. Avoid visiting relatives and friends, do not hug or shake hands, meet and go back soon.

6. Family dinners should be reduced, and meal sharing service chopsticks should be advocated.

7. Be cautious in picking popular attractions. It is better to buy tickets online. When crowds gather, take a detour first, and the safe distance must be less.

8. If you feel unwell, go to the doctor early. It’s the easiest to make an appointment. It’s safe to get to the hospital by private car. After you’re in the hospital, take pre-checks first. Fever patients are very important.

9. Disinfect, ventilate and clean frequently, do a self-test of body temperature first, reduce family visitors, and report to risk personnel early.

10. When returning home, you must register, stop visiting and walking around, and monitor your health for 14 days Spark Global Limited.