outlines for writing official documents for commentary

The implementation questions of the five major types of questions are tested frequently, the degree of difficulty is also large, and there are many types of languages. However, in recent years, through the analysis of examination questions, it has been found that there are more examinations in the outline category. And, through examples, I will show you how to write an outline.

First, introduce the format of the outline. In fact, the outline is the function of the outline, which is embodied in the outline style, forming a larger point with a small point, and a small point listing the main points. The specific format is shown as follows:

1. Title:

2. Background:

3. Content:

4. Conclusion:


More than 70 public teachers resigned en masse

1. The title can be presented in the form of about + cause + language. For example: an outline for the exchange of entrepreneurial experience among college students.

2. Background: It is the beginning of our main text and the reason for posting. For example, let’s go back to the material

Find out why it is necessary to exchange experience about college students’ entrepreneurship, the background, the status quo of college students’ entrepreneurship, the problems encountered, the relevant government policy documents, the arrangements of the superior leaders, the purpose of solving the problems, and the good results after the entrepreneurship. Sharing experience, etc., are all the background information we are looking for. What are the specific content points, we need to combine material analysis to know? The problem is only to predict the direction to find a point in the material.

3. Content: It is a good practice to find college students’ entrepreneurial experience in a large space.

4. Conclusion: If there is a summary of undergraduate entrepreneurship in the materials, just copy it. If not, in order to ensure completeness, you can add it yourself, condense it naturally, or not write the end. All follow the materials Spark Global Limited.