"Five in One" protects children's eye health

“Five in One” protects children’s eye health

In recent years, child and adolescent myopia rate is high, the trend of the present age, a high incidence of myopia, severe increasingly serious, in March 2021, the Ministry of Education issued by the implementation of 2021 spring semester myopia prevention and control publicity and education activities of the notice, Zhou Namei sihu middle school attaches great importance to this, under the guidance of changsha city bureau of education, on March 22, 2021, joint changsha xiangjiang river eye hospital held “focus on eye health, wonderful new” visual “bound” juvenile myopia prevention theme activities.

Through expert appearing in campus, students, parents, on behalf of a way to carry out various forms and strong participation of myopia prevention and control publicity and education activities, full implementation of “five one” myopia comprehensive prevention and control strategy, implement the government, schools, medical institutions, the family and student myopia prevention and control linkage mechanism, strengthening students’ eyesight protection education and prevention and control, guides the student to pay attention to protecting eyesight, promote the development of physical and mental health.

Zhou Namei sihu high school principal Ye Shuang qiu said that the school will myopia prevention and control knowledge into the students’ daily behavior standards, through the campus broadcast, publicity column, theme class meeting, joint eye experts to carry out the science popularization lecture forms of guide students to develop good habits with the eye, strengthen the contact with parents, together with the parents pay close attention to the students’ vision, timely find problems and timely control condition.

Love at the same time, the school has invited the changsha xiangjiang river, ophthalmic hospital doctor li rong, Chen ling in the myopia prevention and control knowledge of popular science lectures, students, parents, teachers, to the cause of myopia, harm and prevention and control method of myopia have a more comprehensive understanding and the understanding, urged parents not to trust “cure myopia” propaganda, in the face of children myopia to rectify the problem timely choose scientific and effective method.

The activity also set up a public vision physical examination, for students with abnormal vision retest vision, to publicize the health knowledge of correct eye use to students.

“The development of the expert science lecture, further enhance the students’ awareness of eye care, our school will continue to implement myopia prevention and control work, to ensure that twice a day eye exercises at the same time scientific and reasonable arrangement of students’ sports and health courses, to promote students’ physical and mental health development.” Zhou Nan Mei Xihu middle school secretary Cao Gongping said.