Undergraduates have no trouble finding jobs

Undergraduates have no trouble finding jobs

Undergraduates have no trouble finding jobs
Many college students choose to pursue postgraduate studies for the simple reason that they can’t find a good job and they don’t want to settle for perfection. No matter be because of the gold content of undergraduate course school is not high, still be undergraduate course major place restrict, a lot of undergraduate students always face shows difficult color when choosing a course of study, do not know how should be good, do undergraduate students not find the job with good pay?

Why are undergraduates having trouble finding jobs?

Major is too unpopular

Nowadays, for the sake of the development of colleges and universities, many colleges and universities need to guarantee the number of majors they offer, so there will be a lot of majors, and there will be internal competition, hot majors and unpopular majors. As a result, many candidates who obey the adjustment in the examination are easy to be assigned to unpopular majors.

Although there is little difference during the school year, all students share the same facilities and teachers are of similar ability. However, when it comes to job hunting, the gap appears. Students with popular majors have a lower difficulty in finding a job than students with less popular majors.

If you want to find professional related work, the less popular professional counterpart of the work is very limited, social jobs are few, the threshold is high. If looking for a job unrelated to the major, employers are not willing to, so lead to this kind of undergraduates everywhere rejected.

The attitude of being too high or too low

Although now the undergraduate student is much, but, the number of the junior college student also does not account for a minority, when facing the same post so, undergraduate course is born hard to avoid can show “high does not become low not” behavior attitude, this may be said to be the big taboo when recruiting the job, can make unit of choose and employ persons very disgustful.

It is this job likewise, junior college student is cheap attitude is good, then what reason chooses undergraduate student again? Therefore, it is the existence of such a number of undergraduates that disturbs the current situation of undergraduate job-hunting.


In the current society, undergraduate students are obviously in the situation of oversupply, so if you want to stand out, whether for undergraduate students themselves, or academic majors, you have to make relevant changes! If you can improve their own hard strength at the same time, study a major easy to find a job, employment difficulty will be greatly reduced.

Undergraduates have no trouble finding jobs
Undergraduates are more likely to find a job

First place: simultaneous interpretation

Some experts have said that simultaneous interpretation talents are the most needed talents in the 21st century! This profession, as the name suggests, interprets while the speaker speaks. It is usually used in international business meetings or international seminars. This is a very high professional requirement for interpreters!

Due to the increasingly developed social and economic development and more and more contacts with the international community, many private enterprises also have such demand for talents. So the graduates of this major, as long as it is a professional pass, are not worried about finding a job. Note that this major is not limited to English.

The universities that offer this major are: Beijing Foreign Studies University, Shanghai International Studies University, Central China Normal University and so on.

Second place: Flight Attendant

For a long time, flight attendants have always admired other people’s professional skills, influenced by movies and TV shows, we have the impression of them lugging suitcases all over the world, and both boys and girls have a high standard of appearance!

Yes, the flight attendant profession has some requirements for appearance, but the annual employment rate is also very beautiful! The degree of this professional counterpart can reach the perfect degree, and the current situation is also less than the demand. Therefore, students can rest assured and boldly apply for this major.

However, many students think that this profession is not “eat youth meal”? What if you were a little older and faced unemployment? Of course not! As long as you sign a contract with the airline and can pass the normal assessment, the job is still very stable.

Third place: Information security

Nowadays, many people say that computer and networking graduates have reached the saturation point and are no longer in demand. In fact, no matter when, the demand for technical talents is certain, but to your professional quality and ability to consider, the law of the jungle of truth.

Information security has always been the concern of all enterprises. Privacy and confidentiality are the core of enterprises, which are related to the development of enterprises. Therefore, every company will need such talents! Countless companies in the society, you can imagine how much talent demand for information security!

Anyhow, before entering oneself for an examination, understand the quotation of major more, have a few at present not very popular major, perhaps after the university of the future four years, can become popular with catch a hand? So, for those potential shares must grasp! Take a long view, don’t only care about the immediate benefits.