Grades are not the only thing in education

Grades are not the only thing in education

Grades are not the only thing in education
Mr. Zhang Guoxing, the current Party Secretary and Chairman of Cistar Education and Technology Group, and the principal of Cistar Urban Forest School, has experienced the most intense competition in China’s basic education. After more than 20 years of research, he founded a new school of education theory — “quality-oriented education”. In his opinion, any elite school that only cultivates high scores is not a real elite school! “Learning will be integrated into nature, education will go deep into life, children will learn real knowledge, high scores can truly become the appendix of quality education!” This is the origin of Cistar’s “exam-oriented education for quality”.

A school for the future elite

At the very beginning of the establishment of Cistar Urban Forest School, Chairman Zhang Guoxing was determined to build a century-old school, and set the grand aspiration of “striving for the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation”, with the goal of “cultivating world citizens with Chinese heart”. Zhang has big dreams. “Elite education has never been our goal,” he says. “Generals and leaders are the direction of our century-old school. With three years to witness our miracle, with ten years to create our myth, with twenty years to promote the quality of exam-oriented education concept to the world, to become a century-old school crown!”

A quality exam-oriented school quality exam-oriented education, the pursuit of the true concept

Adhering to the school philosophy of “Promoting Responsibility and Educating Teachers with Moral Honor in China”, the school practices the school motto of “releasing the nature of authentic education, being well-educated and looking to the world”, takes “cultivating world citizens with Chinese heart” as the goal, holds high the banner of “quality exam-oriented education”, and contributes to the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

Forest Education: Returning to Nature, Teaching People to Cultivate “Roots”

Located at the intersection of Zhongyuan Road and Tongbai Road, the school is adjacent to the Zhengzhou Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government and the Central Plains District Party Committee and District Government. The school covers an area of about 120 mu, with a construction area of nearly 50,000 square meters and a forest coverage rate of nearly 70%. It is a forest school located in the center of the city. Children can have close contact with nature, release their nature, learn happily and grow up healthily.

Famous teacher team: national first-line Chinese and foreign teachers, strong alliance

“Teacher” is an important support to build a famous school. Leading teachers and education experts from all over the country gather in Cistar. In addition to excellent teaching ability, they also have rich personalized teaching experience and rich knowledge in psychology, pedagogy, management and other aspects, providing professional team support for the school’s quality-oriented education concept. Chinese and foreign famous teachers together to interpret the Eastern and Western cultural classics, so that children in China, have a global view, have an international vision, comprehensively improve the ability of English communication, learning and thinking.

Characteristic education: adhering to the combination of school education and extracurricular training

The school has more than ten training schools, more than 15 years of training history, there are more than 500 teachers team. Teachers in the training department and full-time teachers complement each other in advantages, share resources and exchange courses, so that students can share all-round education achievements.

Innovative courses: create unique school-based courses to meet the needs of students’ personalized development

Innovation is what makes the Cistar curriculum unique. School-based courses set by the school include: music and gardening courses, traditional Chinese studies courses, study tour courses, sports and games courses, characteristic English courses, etc. At the same time, the growth courses of Golden Fulcrum Family Education Research Institute has been officially established, and is about to set sail in a new way!

A school that focuses not only on grades, but also on producing outstanding people

The scores are certainly not the life complete, and examinations are also not the life complete. Children only scores, certainly can not win the future. The essence of education is not grades, not admission, but to teach students the ability to learn, never give up the spirit, embrace change, the ability to see through the nature of things, the spirit of hard work, good quality, improve the psychological endurance! A good education is one that produces lifelong exercisers, responsibility takers, problem solvers, and people who live gracefully. Come to siesta, let us not only be excellent students, but also be excellent people!