Stay-at-home dads take care of their children

After a year of full-time parenting, the 28-year-old Internet

Dad Johnny got divorced.

When I see this hot search, I feel confused. Who is this?

Stay-at-home dads take care of their children

Some people say, stay-at-home moms we see more, see the father Xiaoqiang, just know that the life of a stay-at-home dad is actually like this.

That’s right, Dad Johnny is a stay-at-home dad.

He has his own job and his wife is a general manager of a company.Without the help of the old people at home, taking the baby became a big problem.

In this way, xiaoqiang decided to resign, concentrate on taking baby at home.

A day for jack Bauer, a stay-at-home dad, begins at night:

11:20, 12:00, 2:00…He was baby a “alarm clock” wake up, flurrying to get up to make milk powder, coax baby to sleep.

It was five o ‘clock in the morning.

And then you can rest?Of course not!

Go grocery shopping — 1 hour;

Wash clothes and mop the house — 2 hours;

Cooking — 2 hours;

Make milk powder, feed baby and put baby to sleep – 10 times, 40 minutes at a time;

Take the baby outside — 2 hours…

And the body tired than, small strong in the mind is not easy.

The neighbor in the village asks: “How do you need not go to work? Take a baby every day?”

At first he was able to say: “Men can also stay at home with the children, you have to upgrade the concept of parenting.”

Then he stopped explaining.

Take the baby to his wife’s company, see the assistant is a handsome boy, his heart under some uncomfortable, but also did not say what.

In May 2019, he began his first day as a stay-at-home dad.

He filed for divorce in August 2020.

When asked about the reason for the divorce, Jack Bauer only said one thing:

“The trivial private life of daily necessities has been eroding the life, so many years of feelings have been constantly impacted and left a chicken feather.”

“Are you sorry?”

“Do you want the truth?”

This is a conversation between a netizen and his dad, Xiao Qiang, when he has gone through the trifles of life, and can’t hide the fatigue and the distress of life.

We don’t know exactly what happened.

Xiao Qiang said, full-time at home with children this year, he changed a lot.From a spirited young man to a weary uncle;Having experienced ‘postpartum depression’ and feeling disconnected from society…

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