Primary and secondary school students welcome "new news"

Primary and secondary school students welcome “new news”

Primary and secondary school students welcome "new news"
Nowadays, the burden of primary and middle school students is getting heavier and heavier, which makes parents really distressed. Although the Ministry of Education has repeatedly asked to reduce the burden on primary and middle school students, the pressure of students cannot be alleviated all the time due to the influence of “entrance examination for secondary school or college” two exams, and it is difficult to make a choice between grades and health.

“Education” is very important for the development of society and the importance of family. Therefore, even if we shout to reduce the burden every day, the burden of students will not be too light. The influence of the environment and parents’ expectations make students have to carry such a heavy burden.

If we can change this situation, unless we cancel all the exams, but obviously it is not realistic, not long ago, some experts put forward that we can “shorten the length of schooling”, this proposal has attracted wide attention from all walks of life, if it can be implemented, it may be good for primary and secondary school students.

Primary and secondary school students usher in “new news”, shorten the school system ahead of 2 years of high school graduation?

For many post-80s and post-90s students, primary school has always been a six-year period, and junior middle school has three years, which makes for nine-year compulsory education. Add three years of senior high school, and the length of schooling for primary and middle school students is actually 12 years. With longer schooling, students have to bear more study pressure.

Primary and secondary school students welcome "new news"
Not long ago, some people suggested that the school system should be shortened and replaced with 5+3+2 instead of 6+3+3. That is to say, primary school has changed from 6 years to 5 years, and high school has changed from 3 years to 2 years, so that students can take the gaokao 2 years in advance.

For this suggestion, people’s opinions are divided. Some people think that most schools do not follow the syllabus. When they learn the knowledge in three years, they need to learn it in two years, and then they need to review the college entrance examination in the remaining year.

However, some teachers don’t agree with this. They shorten the length of schooling, which means that 12 years has been changed into 10 years. As a result, the study burden of students will not be heavier, and there will be more knowledge to learn.

Is it really good to graduate two years ahead of schedule?

Personally think, not necessarily, no matter be 12 years or 10 years, shorten just time, learning task did not shorten, the student’s learning burden is still exist, and, shorten the school system, the student finishes junior high school only 14, 15 years old, the age is too small.

If the students fail to enter the high school, it means that they will enter the society too early, and their mental age is not yet mature. In fact, parents are still worried about it. Therefore, shortening the school system does not really reduce the burden on students, nor does it bring much benefit to them.

Rather than shortening the school system, it is better to reduce the difficulty of entrance examination for secondary school or college, or to achieve the “12 years of compulsory education” to help students more, parents, schools to students’ expectations are too high, any subject related to the “test”, “results”, is a burden.

Only by lowering the exam difficulty and realizing the universal compulsory education in senior high schools can the internalization and competition of students be reduced. If the “shortening school length” can be realized, the biggest beneficiaries should be some students with strong interest in learning and high talent.