2021 postgraduate entrance exam, did you pass the line?

2021 postgraduate entrance exam, did you pass the line?

2021 postgraduate entrance exam, did you pass the line?
The national scores of some graduate majors fluctuated significantly, and a number of colleges and universities issued notices that they would implement “online retaking”… Recently, with the official release of the national line for the postgraduate entrance exam in 2021, many candidates who “passed the line” have begun to prepare for the reexamination of postgraduate students. In view of the new situation, how should 2021 examinees prepare for the second examination effectively? With the number of college graduates reaching new highs and the employment pressure increasing, is it really the trend of The Times to take the postgraduate entrance exam? At this point, the reporter conducted an investigation and interview.

Education major becomes “hot property”

Compared to 2020 one’s deceased father grind the state line, reporter discovery, in this year’s national line, academic degree class in 17 categories, have four kinds of the fractional line rise, respectively is economics up 5 points, higher education (including sports) 6 points, up four points of sports science, enjoy the examinee of minority care policy rose 1 points; The scores of other majors basically maintained 0-5 points, among which the score of science dropped by 8 points the most, followed by law and management by 4 points respectively.

In the professional degree category, the scores of the two categories remained the same as last year’s total scores, namely, the translation department and military department. In the remaining categories, the total scores of 7 categories rose, including finance by 5 points, audit by 4 points, education and international education of Chinese language by 6 points, applied psychology by 6 points, physical education by 4 points, accounting by 4 points, and library and intelligence by 4 points. The total scores of the remaining categories all declined, but the decline was small.

Earlier, the Ministry of Education announced an “expansion” of the number of postgraduates. This has led many to predict a lower national line in 2021. But according to the analysis shows, some professional presented the situation of “not falling but rising”. Among them, pedagogy major this year national line, learn to master major rose 6 minutes.

The reporter understands through interview, in recent years, many examinee chose pedagogy major in taking an examination of grind big class. In the eyes of some examinees, the difficulty of their professional courses is relatively low, unlike law and other majors which require higher logical thinking ability, and unlike literature majors with more reference books, the employment situation is relatively stable. For students majoring in education, many of them can choose to be teachers after graduation or to teach in tutoring agencies. These employment directions are stable and relaxed, and at the same time, the salary, career development and future promotion space are quite considerable.

In addition, the state attaches great importance to the development of teachers and the education industry in the past two years, and constantly introduces a variety of favorable policies to promote the continuous development of the education industry, which has also become the elements that examinees value. The Ministry of Education, for example, said earlier that it would expand recruitment in key areas, especially for primary and secondary school teachers.

The reporter learned at the dual-selection meeting held recently for the first employment of normal university graduates in 2021, that graduates value “stability” more than “high salary”. On the spot, they have to public schools, private education groups to throw their resumes. But the reporter found that compared with some education and training institutions, the “threshold” of these units is obviously higher, there are many recruitment conditions painted on the “hard bar” – as long as graduate students. “According to this year’s national line, I should be more hung. If I don’t pass the exam this year, I will prepare for the Second World War next year and have to take the postgraduate entrance exam!” “Said Liu, a senior graduate of Shannormal University.

Many colleges and universities take the online second interview, second interview should pay attention to maintain confidence

Reporters have learned that with the release of the national line of 2021 postgraduate entrance examination, recently, some colleges and universities have been issued a notice that this year’s retest in principle using online form. Among them, Peking University said that the second interview will start in the middle of March, the second interview will be conducted in the way of online remote interview. The second interview will be conducted online, according to a notice issued by Tsinghua University. The second interview may include online remote interview, online remote written test, online remote computer test, and the submission of additional materials.

Dalian University of Technology (DUT) said that the second interview will be conducted through online remote interview, and the written content of the second interview will be inspected through the interview. The university plans to conduct the second interview in late March. According to a notice from Northeastern University, the second interview will be conducted online, and the second interview for the first volunteer will start on March 19. According to Zhejiang University, in principle, full-time majors will be re-tested online, while a few part-time majors, such as MBA and MPA, will be re-tested on-site. The second interview will start in the middle of March. In addition, Harbin Institute of Technology, Southeast University, East China Normal University and Shanghai Conservatory of Music have all issued notices, saying that in principle, they will adopt the method of online remote re-examination.