UK study, suitable for undergraduate background

UK study, suitable for undergraduate background

UK study, suitable for undergraduate background
In the United Kingdom, the following majors for undergraduate background for liberal arts students to apply, quickly follow Xiaobian together to understand!

Human Resource Management

Human resource management studies how enterprises make efficient use of and rationally allocate human resources according to their own development strategies.

In an enterprise, besides recruitment and management of personnel files, one of the important tasks of the human resource department is to calculate the human cost, provide the basis for the human cost of the financial department, and evaluate the performance of the personnel according to the data they have mastered.

In addition, staff training is also an important job for human resource departments.

For example, the MSc Human Resource Management program in the University of Sheffield welcomes students from all undergraduate backgrounds, with an IELTS requirement of 6.5.


According to the American Marketing Association, marketing is a series of activities, processes and systems that create, communicate, disseminate, and exchange products that bring value to customers, customers, partners, and society as a whole.

In your day-to-day business, your main task as a marketer is to get more customers and keep them. In the UK, a master’s degree in marketing generally does not require an undergraduate background.

UK study, suitable for undergraduate background
For example, the MSC Marketing of the University of Skylyde can be applied for except for those who majored in Marketing at the undergraduate level, and the IELTS requirement is 6.5. This major is recognized by both CIM and MRS with high cost performance.


Management studies how to raise the level of productivity by reasonably organizing and allocating human, financial and material factors under the existing conditions. Managers need to coordinate the work of various departments and make reasonable implementation plans to achieve business objectives.

When choosing a UK management course, focus on triple certification from business schools, particularly the AMBA (British Association of MBA).

For example, the MSC Management of Henley Business School in the University of Reading welcomes students from any subject area. Students who have graduated in the last two years will have a greater competitive advantage.

International business

International business studies the cross-border transaction activities of individuals or organizations, including international trade and international investment.

International trade includes trade in goods, services and intellectual property rights, and international investment, mainly referring to international direct investment, including sole proprietorship, joint venture and cooperative operation.

Many UK universities, such as the International Business MSc at the University of Leeds, do not require you to have an undergraduate degree. If you are interested, you can apply.

This program is accredited by the IOE (Export Association), and you can gain membership of the IOE as a student during your study to gain a wide range of employment opportunities.

In addition, the program is also accredited by AMBA and is highly recognized for the quality of its teaching.

Logistics and Supply Chain

Looking at the rapid development of China’s e-commerce, we know how promising the major of logistics and supply chain is.

In the UK, most universities, such as MSC Operations, Project and Supply Chain Management in the University of Manchester, do not have strict requirements for students’ undergraduate background.

According to the website, your average score and performance in school are important criteria for admission decisions. The programme is accredited by the Royal Institute of Purchasing and Supply (CIPS) and provides students with many opportunities to interact with the best and brightest in the industry to improve themselves.

It can be seen that liberal arts students can choose a lot of British business majors. It is not true that only science students can learn business well. The key is to choose a major reasonably according to one’s interests and undergraduate background.