More than 70 public teachers resigned en masse

More than 70 public teachers resigned en masse

More than 70 public teachers resigned en masse
“Silkworms die before the silk, wax torch ashes tears dry,” this sentence used to describe the teacher is the most appropriate, no matter at any time, the teacher in the society are playing the most important position.

Teaching is their first duty, social status is very high, especially in the last two years, education by our country’s attention, has been constantly improving the teacher’s welfare.

It is for this reason that the profession of teacher is becoming more and more popular with the outside world. More and more people want to enter the teaching team and have a job with an iron rice bowl.

More than 70 teachers, all of them public schools, quit their jobs altogether, which immediately aroused heated discussion on the Internet.

More than 70 public teachers have resigned, and Iron Rice Bowl has set off a “wave of resignation”. Isn’t it popular?

It is reported that this happened in Jiangxi Province, in a public school, suddenly more than 70 teachers chose to resign en masse.

Many people see this situation, are very surprised, after all, teachers as an “iron rice bowl” work, benefits and treatment are particularly good, why would there be so many teachers choose to resign?

Why do teachers choose to resign en masse and what are the reasons behind it?

Let’s start with male teachers in public schools, although teaching has always been a stable profession with a high social status and is respected by parents.

However, its salary is not very high, which is too difficult for some young male teachers to support their families. The salary of four or five thousand a month is not enough.

Secondly, because of family reasons, the profession of teacher looks relatively easy on the surface, just need to give classes to students every day is over.

However, I have to prepare lessons and correct students’ homework at home every day, which completely takes up my time. If I have children at home, I can’t take care of them.

If you can’t combine work and family, it’s only natural that many teachers, even those in public schools, want to quit.

Finally, because of comparison, there are not only public schools but also private schools in this society. Compared with public schools, private schools will give higher treatment and salary to teachers, which is enough to meet their needs.

There will be the following pressures in the education industry:

The economic pressure

At any time, salary is what we look for when we look for a job. Although the salary in the education industry is not that high, it is always fixed. Unless you can evaluate the title of the teacher, it is very difficult to raise salaries in this profession.

More than 70 public teachers resigned en masse
For teachers, there is a lot of pressure, especially for some new teachers, they are not enough to eat every month, so it is difficult for any teachers to survive, many of them are into the teaching industry, they quit.

Work ethic pressure

In every industry, there are professional ethics that you need to abide by. There are some things that you can touch, and some things that you can’t touch, and can’t touch.

And a teacher’s work ethic is to teach children come rain or shine, that’s what they need to follow and have a strong sense of responsibility.

When a student can’t go to class because of illness, the teacher needs to make up for her lessons, the teacher is not easy, professional ethics in all the time to remind them that the teacher is great, must be the most selfless.