Why do most students choose to stay on campus as counselors?

Why do most students choose to stay on campus as counselors?

Why do most students choose to stay on campus as counselors?
It is often said that civil servants are “iron rice bowls”, and a stable staff and favorable welfare benefits are a good way out in the eyes of many people. However, many graduate students seem to disagree. After graduation, a large number of them choose to stay on campus and become university counselors, rather than give up the opportunity to be civil servants.

Many graduates are afraid to face the dilemma of “losing their jobs after graduation”. In the ever-changing society, some of them may work in a big company today and face the dilemma of losing their jobs tomorrow. By contrast, the job of a civil servant is more stable because the possibility of losing their jobs due to external uncertainties is very small.

At the same time, the welfare and salary of civil servants are very generous, and the work is stable and satisfying, which is also an important reason for more and more people to take the exam for public service. However, in the eyes of graduate students, civil servants are not as attractive as counselors. Isn’t the exam for public service popular?

A total of 1.57 million people will apply for the civil service exam in 2020, but the majority of them will be undergraduates

The civil servant job attracts a large number of candidates to apply for it every year. According to the national civil servant data, in 2020, the number of applicants for the civil servant job has reached 1.57 million.

With fewer jobs and greater pressure from competition, a job like a civil servant is very precious. Even if it is difficult to pass the exam, many people are willing to give it a shot. However, a careful observation is not difficult to find that most of the candidates who apply for the civil service are undergraduate students, and a small part of them are junior college students, while the number of graduate students is “only a handful”.

When there are two options for graduate students to stay on campus and become a counselor or take the civil service exam, most of them choose to be a counselor rather than a civil servant. Undergraduate students and junior college students “crowded broken head” also want to enter for an examination of the civil servants, why in graduate students here suddenly not sweet? Counselors and what is the “magic” so many graduate students become the first choice of career?

Why do most students choose to stay on campus as counselors?
After graduate school, why most choose to stay on campus as counselors? Is the test public “not sweet”?

First, excellent talents will be retained by the school

During the period of postgraduate study, some students have excellent results and good performance, which meet the needs of professional talents in universities. When the position of school counselors is vacant upon graduation, the school is willing to keep the graduates as counselors in order to retain talents. For graduate students, working in a familiar environment and having greater development space in the future, they are certainly willing to seize the opportunity to stay on campus to teach.

Second, in the ivory tower of the university, the competition pressure is small

In 2020, the number of applicants for the civil service has reached 1.57 million. In the current situation of excessive social instability, the number of people who choose the stable civil service industry will only increase, and the difficulty of applying for university counselors will be slightly easier than that of civil servants.

Except that some universities have requirements for college counselors in terms of education, other requirements are not very strict. For graduate students with higher education, it is easier to apply for counselors. If you are a graduate student in a 985 or 211 university, you will definitely be more welcome.