How much does it cost for an undergraduate student?

How much does it cost for an undergraduate student?

How much does it cost for an undergraduate student?
Many people will say that college life is full of sunshine and fun. After entering college, you will feel free, broaden your horizon and increase your knowledge. At the same time, you will have your own circle of friends and social circle in college. But not only do you need to pass the gaokao to get into a university, but you also need to pay a huge amount of tuition, which can be quite eye-popping for an undergraduate.

From primary school to college, we need money to support our study and life all the time. If a family wants to train a child to become a good person, it needs to pay a large amount of education expenses, such as extracurricular reading materials for children since childhood, various remedial books for primary and middle schools and tuition fees for holidays. Ordinary parents will bear huge economic pressure.

After going to college, more and more parents will feel that it is really expensive to provide for a college student. If an ordinary family wants to provide for an undergraduate to go to college, the economic pressure is very great. Every year, many students from poor families even give up the opportunity to go to college.

How much does it cost for an undergraduate student?
Although our country has many policies to subsidize college students, such as the issuance of school loans and grants, there are still many people who cannot afford to go to college after receiving such funds. Then why is the cost of college so huge? What are the main parts of a child’s college expenses?

How much does it cost for an undergraduate student? It’s a lot of pressure on ordinary families

Basic college tuition and accommodation costs

Receiving education is a basic right and obligation of Chinese citizens. In order to support the development of education, and at the same time to train more high-quality talents to become useful to the country, China has exempted the tuition fees of primary and junior high schools.

Nowadays, in most families, as long as the child is willing to study hard, the parents will provide for their children to go to school, but an ordinary student needs to pay for college tuition by himself, and the charging standard of China’s universities is also different.

Undergraduate course a group of 2 batches, undergraduate and college tuition is about three thousand to five thousand, while three batch of undergraduate tuition fees of, for the arts examinee, college tuition more expensive, so a lot of people said that art examinee families are fine life, an ordinary college students, the cost will need sending about four years.

Daily food and other living expenses

Although the number of university canteen food is the most humanized, basic every university canteen food is the most reasonable and appropriate, but even if the students are very saving, the daily diet is less also need to spend one thousand; In addition to the daily necessities and the necessary living expenses, there are still less than one thousand a month.

If you are studying in a high-consumption area, the daily living expenses have to double, which is very difficult for an ordinary family. The daily food for college students is about 10,000 or 20,000 yuan a year.

Basic learning expenses

The university also needs to take an examination of a lot of certificates, need to buy textual materials, textual materials are often those examination subjects a lot of preparation book, the cost of these books is also very expensive; The registration fee for the exam can be as low as 100 per subject, which is also a huge expense if the university needs to test many certificates.

Free Time Social Expenses

After entering the university, there are a lot of free time available for allocation. Many people choose to participate in some club activities. During festivals, clubs will have parties and other forms of activities, all of which cost money.

The expenditure of recreational activities such as shopping and eating with college students on Saturday and Sunday can not be ignored. Many college students will choose to travel during the holidays in order to broaden their horizons and broaden their knowledge. For college students, the travel expenses, accommodation, food and drink of a trip are a big expenditure.

Other Expensive Ingredients

For some female students in college, they will buy cosmetics, designer bags and clothes in college. This kind of high consumption expenditure is often much more than the cost of food and living. Boys will pursue famous brand shoes, also will buy some electronic products, and even some students who are addicted to games will spend a lot of money to buy game equipment, which will bring great burden to their parents.

Many college students just now, they have not thought of university tuition fees and living expenses hard-won, once to squander their parents hard-earned money, even deceive parents, will be the cost of living for their own pleasure, but also has a lot of students in the university have a peer, buy luxury goods to show off, praise each other expensive things.

These costs add up, but also to hundreds of thousands of, if the parents are ordinary working class, a month to earn two or three thousand dead wages, for such a college student, really pressure mountain, a lot of net friends in the face of scary costs, straight shout: leave!

Many college students go to work-study programs to relieve their parents’ burden, but it is important to choose a reliable job

Of course, there are some students who know their parents are hard, during the university will be through their own way, with their own efforts to earn a part of the cost of living to bear the burden of the family, then during the university can through what way to earn living expenses?