How much does excessive chicken baby hurt?

How much does excessive chicken baby hurt?

How much does excessive chicken baby hurt?
Not long ago, I saw such a problem in the group


There is also a Peking University students and I said, brush to a certain tone of a book, more than three years old children within 100 add and subtract, can also calculate a variety of complex engineering problems, see their children yesterday to forget the ancient poetry today, angry not to hit a place… Always feel like you and your kids are “losing.”

“Can not let the child lose at the starting line” moment holding parents chicken baby anxiety nerves. Is it true that your not-so-good baby is “losing”?

What is the Education Intranet?
Not knowing whether to be bound by this anxious society, or to let their children realize their unfulfilled dreams when they were young, many parents are scrambling to join the army of chicken children, and education is becoming more and more serious. As I said, “You think your kid has won at the starting line, only to find out that someone else’s family has already jumped the gun for several laps and is riding the Hot Wheel…”

From this, there are many incredible chains of contempt.

For example, interest class despise chain —


Parents accompany reading disdain chain —


Many parents, without work and without ego, prepare chickens 24 hours a day. I have seen one of the most exaggerated cowboys. At the age of 6, he was 7 a.m. to 11 p.m., full of all kinds of lessons — not in class, or on the way to class.

The parents of the son, it is far-reaching. This, it seems, is not a contest between children, but a silent contest between parents. Even, this is the only light in the eyes of middle-aged people who are overwhelmed by “996” and “007” blessings. I can’t move myself. I can move my children.

How much does excessive chicken baby hurt?
A variety show called Tell the World I Can. There is a little girl in Hangzhou named Sweetie, her parents are chicken baby chicken to the extreme “outstanding representative”.

From Monday to Sunday, Sweetheart attends 10 interest classes, and in between, her parents take turns tutoring her.

How much does excessive chicken baby hurt?

Even in every moment of their relationship, the parents are constantly training their sweetheart.

Do homework mother to correct sitting posture, will not encounter the problem mother to hit a first, and then explain.


With Legos, dads have to constantly disrupt and mess up the process, which can be called “patience training.”


Too much pressure, let sweetheart not happy at all, she lost interest in many things.


Chicken baby is to let the child win at the starting line, the original intention is right, but excessive chicken baby, but let the child lost at the starting line.

In fact, the truth is very simple, when children feel that everything is done for the purpose of “meaning”, then everything will become meaningless. Children learning is instinctive, but only learning without fun, all this has become a burden.

Machines need maintenance, people, but also need to rest.

With adequate sleep and free play, children’s brain connections are more flexible, their creativity and concentration levels are higher, and their productivity is improved more easily.

What did you really learn for a long time without sleep?

What is more terrible is that the parents did not notice, did not make adjustments, but to ask – why the chicken baby chicken so hard, the child is “not on the road”?

China has 30 million teenagers and children depressed, 98% of the primary and middle school students sleep seriously insufficient, parents cry to ask – the baby of hard working chicken, why depressed?

The more aware parent is, the more observant, the more respectful of the child’s nature, the more inclined to provide a nearby development zone when the child needs it, the more like a scaffolding, taking the child step by step to where “he can and wants to go.”

Genius is the result of education, not its end.

Here really want to persuade my parents a few words:

Transient memory ≠ long-term memory. Without repetition and practice, what has just been learned is bound to be forgotten. Don’t ruin your child by posing and telling stories. Some are jokes, some are stories, just listen to them.

Attaching importance to education ≠ advanced education. If a child is called “outstanding” when he learns a third-grade problem in the first grade, why are there so few “gifted kids” on Forbes and Nobel lists? The only way to put a person’s life is not just to jump the jump and learn from others, but to have sustained interest and complete and optimistic personality.

Pay more attention to your child’s interest, curiosity, and focus, and less attention to horizontal comparisons. Because children are thousands of different, if only the pursuit of literacy, brush, in addition to depression and anxiety, there is no way out.

Choose what you focus on. Attention is extremely precious. If the child is just a “problem master” and the parents are just a “chicken baby home”, the child’s more valuable knowledge, interest, curiosity, exploration, emotional social ability, problem solving ability… It will be ignored.

Basic memory, arithmetic, and skills can be trained. The difference between learning poetry at the age of 3 and learning poetry at the age of 8 is not showing off, but the latter has been built on a more solid understanding, experience, feeling, logic, and cognitive abilities, and learns it quickly and well.

Don’t use the blind consumption of time, hurt the child’s long-term internal drive.

Don’t hurt your child’s brain with KPIs.