Nanchang education to introduce a new plan!

Nanchang education to introduce a new plan!

Recently issued by Nanchang City

High quality development of education in Nanchang

Three-year Plan of Action (2021-2023)

(Hereinafter referred to as the Plan)

According to the Programme,

Nanchang City will take three years

We will spare no effort to promote the high-quality development of education in the city.

We will make preschool education more accessible to all.

Compulsory education is basically balanced

Striding forward to high quality and balanced,

Regular senior high school education has been basically universal

To diversify and develop with characteristics,

We will comprehensively improve the quality and expand the capacity of secondary vocational education.

Nanchang education to introduce a new plan!

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A degree in pre-school education that will be added within three years

Replenishment (replenishment) in place

Expand the east of the city, Kowloon Lake and Hong Kok Chau areas

High school network

Preschool Education:

We will implement the plan for the distribution of kindergartens in central urban areas, increase the construction of public kindergartens, and expand pre-education resources for universal sex education. Promote the newly-built community to implement the spirit of “Interim Measures for the Construction of Supporting Educational Facilities and Transfer of Property Rights in Nanchang City’s Urban Residential Areas”, and synchronously build supporting kindergartens as required; Just after 2013, the construction of urban residential district supporting kindergarten should match the 7 does not match, less than 50 kindergarten PeiJian, with county as the unit combined with the actual overall arrangement, formulate special fill establish reconstruction or nearby, replacement, new purchase plan, and will need to increase in three years of preschool education degree fill establish (charge) in place.

Compulsory Education:

In accordance with the layout plan of primary and secondary schools in the city and the actual needs, we will build or expand a number of educational networks, increase the supply of academic degrees, and promote the quality and balance of conditions in compulsory education. Dissolve the compulsory education of large amount and high quality balanced with the requirement of the red valley beach district, chaoyang district, spectrum hongdu area, jiangling area, qingyun Gao Xinyi sihu area compulsory education entrance such as demand is growing rapidly, resources supply relatively tight area, as well as the middle school in nanchang 2, normal university affiliated high school of binjiang district yunfei, Station Road on the school campus, such as pearl city yunfei campus entrance contradiction more prominent school set up a monitoring mechanism, scientific early-warning compulsory education entrance requirements, and business related functional departments and county government network optimization scheme is put forward, the municipal government for approval before implementation.

General high school education:

Expand the coverage of high school education network in the east of the city, Jiulonghu District, Hongjiaozhou District and other districts as well as the county seat, expand the network of ordinary high schools in the old city, further expand the education resources of senior high schools, fully resolve the large class size of ordinary high schools, and ensure the needs of the comprehensive reform of college entrance examination in selecting courses and changing classes.

Nanchang education to introduce a new plan!
Secondary vocational education:

We will speed up the development of modern vocational education, implement the requirement that the Ministry and the provinces jointly build an innovative development plateau in vocational education, and achieve equal employment and general income ratios. We will improve the quality of secondary vocational education and promote the construction of secondary vocational schools through the classification and recognition of secondary vocational schools. To set standards for the construction of high-level secondary vocational schools in the province, build 1-2 vocational education networks in the east of the city and other areas; The construction of new vocational schools in Nanchang County, Jinxian County and Xinjian District was started. We will accelerate the renovation and expansion of vocational schools in Anyi County and Qingshan Lake District.

Special Education:

We will speed up the construction of special education schools in Qingshan Lake and Honggutan districts in accordance with the requirement that counties and districts with a population of more than 300,000 should set up one special education school. By the end of 2023, all counties and districts with a population of more than 300,000 in the city should have completed the construction of special education schools.