Shopping festival binge spending

An emotionless payment machine

Hello, please respectfully call me “Burst flower family”.

Shopping festival binge spending

The last second said absolutely not to buy,

The next second is an emotionless payment machine

Some people say that the main routine of double eleven

It’s selling the same good for different prices

Those who have time to participate in various activities,

You can take advantage of the discounts and save money

Tuhao who do not have time to participate in the discount can buy the original price

So are you still in the nunchaku this year?

Of course, shopping is graded,

The old mother promised to be the lowest penny-saver

When the desire to buy was aroused, the old mother became even more frightened

Because you found —

Heart of sea blue mystery Armani immortal water,

Even at half price…

Even with 200 coupons…

Even with the 500 freebies…

Still can’t afford…

Does mom look like she’s 200 bucks short?

Even more poignant is the —

Even if it is thousands of tens of thousands of things, but also by the second rob

In fact, poor only you

Like the product is like like the person

Even if they cut their standards in half, they don’t look up to you

Of course, there are also all kinds of inhuman Singles Day

That is, all kinds of live buying takes place at night

The old mother who doesn’t even think about surviving in the crack of coaxing a baby

When you’re hunched over,

Hold your breath and get ready to buy

She woke up

Put down the phone and coax the baby immediately

All the giveaways were missed and the zero Hour was over

How long does the nunchaku last?

The old mother’s heart will pull long

Like an unmarried girl,

Before I get into the sedan chair, I always feel that I have something missing

The time of day is not rich, can see only one kind

The whole 20 days, waiting for the joy of Courier

The joy of the nunchakus is 5D

The joy of shopping, the pain of spending,

Have a bank card shua shua sound, and the fragrance of the soil

Before the holidays, we all were

Niu hu · old mother · diligent and thrifty · Zhen Huan

After the holidays, we all are

Wind and rain · open mouth · try to drink the northwest wind · Mo Chou

I really can’t blame the old mother’s impulse,

Deposit 3 times expansion, cross shop full 400-30

Get a gift package worth $100 million

Don’t take all the benefits and always feel like you’re losing money

When you pay the deposit, the gold bars are free of charge

When paying, a roll of toilet paper is like a gold bar

Considering the heating bill hasn’t been paid yet,

It may be cold and hungry next month

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