Grades will not accompany you to act!

Grades will not accompany you to act!

Grades will not accompany you to act!
Students, your heart must have had such an idea, it is very hard, but the results are still not ideal. What’s the reason?

From 5:30 in the morning to get up, on the immersion into the study state, basically in addition to the necessary lunch, lunch break, wash time, the rest of the time all used to study. Eating is basically by swallowing, not taste much. Of course, on the way to the canteen is also a trot, and the gap between meals is also to take out a small book to remember a few words.


Under the circumstances of so hard, the exam results, still not on, some students will inevitably give up on themselves, why not sweat for success, efforts to get no return.

Is that true? Or just you use the disguise of diligence, to cover up the essence of laziness. It makes parents and teachers look like they’re trying hard when they’re actually doing nothing.


Having said that, the famous teacher gave the students two points of study advice.

One, seize the class forty-five minutes, learn to listen to the class

There is also a lot of knowledge in listening to lectures. Learn to listen to the class, for junior high school students learning progress is very important! Classroom learning is the most important link of learning, the forty-five minutes of classroom learning efficiency of the high and low, to some extent, determines the quality of students’ learning results.

Perhaps some parents and students think, everyone has a pair of ears, listen to the class who will not ah. In fact, there are a lot of knowledge to listen to the class. Learning to listen to the class is very important to the learning progress of junior high school students. First of all, listen carefully. Second, listen with questions and your mind. Again, to actively raise their hands to speak, carefully take notes. Teaching and learning should be two-way communication and mutual promotion.

“Do not move pen and ink do not read”, “a good memory is better than a bad pen”, are the benefits of learning while writing. Notes are not only a way to learn new knowledge, but also a basis for reviewing old knowledge.


Two, reasonable arrangement of time, in a planned way to study

1, the first is to deal with the relationship between fun and learning. Learning is the main task of junior high school students, the main time and energy should be spent on learning naturally. However, study is not the whole life of junior high school students. Junior high school students are energetic and have wide interests. Appropriate and beneficial activities are also an important part of students’ life.

Some parents only pay attention to the child’s study, the child’s leisure time is arranged strictly, do not let the child have entertainment and activity time; However, some parents let their children’s extracurricular activities go unchecked, which is not conducive to students’ learning progress and all-round development. To guide the students to learn to combine work and rest, study attentively, quiet down to the heart; When active, be vigorous and loose. Study and play not only do not contradict each other, but also complement each other.

Grades will not accompany you to act!

2, the second is to deal with the relationship between the primary and secondary. The density of learning knowledge and the breadth of learning knowledge in junior high school stage are greatly increased, which requires students to be able to deal with the primary and secondary relationship between various knowledge contents. There are differences between disciplines, basic disciplines, tool disciplines are the top priority of junior high school learning, directly affect the study of other disciplines, we must learn solid.

The subject content itself also has the primary and secondary, concept, principle and its formation is the main, the flexible use of knowledge is the main, the weak link of their own learning is the main, in the process of learning should spend more time and energy.


Famous teachers think that learning is not like they think they look hard and they will get good grades. The best learning state is a combination of work and rest, can not put all the time to study every day, appropriate exercise or do something they are interested in, but helpful to study.