Indicates that the child's performance is slipping

Indicates that the child’s performance is slipping


Indicates that the child's performance is slipping

Recently, many parents say that the new semester has not been long, found that their children’s grades retrogressive, what is the reason? In fact, before the child’s performance deteriorates, there will be extraordinary performance, if the child is found to have the following four kinds of performance, parents need to be vigilant, to make measures in advance. Here are four signs that your child’s grades are deteriorating.


1. There is a significant change in the time to complete homework every day
Homework suddenly takes longer to complete. If the child before every day homework can be completed in a fixed time, but suddenly from one day, the time to write homework has been significantly extended. At this time, parents need to pay attention.


First of all, communicate with parents or teachers to confirm whether the amount of homework has been increased recently. If there is no significant increase, it is an indication that the child may be falling behind in school. In this case, it is necessary to timely talk with the child, and then communicate with the teacher, to see what subjects are difficult to learn, adjust the focus of learning in a timely manner.


Job completion time suddenly shortened. Also, check to see if there has been a significant change in the amount of work that has been done recently. If not, check to see how well your child has done.

If the homework is done faster because the child is improving, it is certainly a good thing. But it is also possible that the child may have recently become obsessed with something outside of school and is eager to finish his homework to do it. If the latter is the case, it is necessary to correct in time, do not let the child indulge in things that have nothing to do with learning.


2. Make a noticeable change in your bedtime and sleep schedule
If you find that your child is suddenly eager to go to bed early, and it is particularly difficult to get up in the morning, you should be alert to whether your child is secretly playing mobile phones or other entertainment devices during sleep time. After all, in this electronic age, children are easily attracted by some video games and online novels, thus delaying their study time.

Indicates that the child's performance is slipping

3. Complaining about teachers in front of parents
Children are more sensitive and easily affected by emotions. Therefore, the preference of a teacher will directly affect the study of the subject. Children will love the study of a subject because they like a teacher, and they will hate the study of a subject because they don’t like a teacher.

If a child is found to complain about a teacher a lot, it is likely to predict a decline in academic performance in that subject. At this time, parents should guide their children in the face of their bad emotions, teach them to understand and be grateful to their teachers, and resolve their bad emotions.


4. Procrastination and lack of sense of time
Children do not have the concept of time, so it is easy to dawdle, especially when doing homework spirit is easy to concentrate, not with stationery to play, is to pick their hands to play. Attention is not focused, it is difficult to calm down to do one thing, in the classroom is not able to listen to the teacher’s speech, listening to the class efficiency is not high, easy to daydream. I often fail to finish my homework on time. In the long run, performance will naturally decline.


You can start from the development of children’s concept of time, let the children make their own schedule, teach children to distinguish three different periods of time every day, the key is to let the children can arrange their own time according to the time period. To help children develop regular living habits is to cultivate children’s sense of time. Once the habit is established, the child will obediently obey the command of “time” and learn clearly what to do at what time.


Teachers remind parents, when their children appear in these situations, we should pay special attention to, take targeted measures in advance, can not wait until the final exam to scold the child, it is too late. Only when family education and school education are combined can excellent children be trained.