One teaches and one cures and saves

One teaches and one cures and saves

One teaches and one cures and saves
“Civil servants, teachers and doctors” are the three iron rice bowls in our country. Civil servants are civil servants who enter government offices through national and provincial examinations, while teachers and doctors are technical personnel who enter their posts through special professional learning certificates.

Because the nature of the teacher and the doctor is almost the same, and the same iron rice bowl is inevitably put together to compare, a teaching and educating a heal the wounded and heal the dying, in terms of the professional nature, which team social contribution is greater? There are a hundred Hamlets in a hundred men, and the public is divided.

There are two reasons for supporting “teacher”

1) Education is fundamental

Kindergarten, primary school, junior high school, high school, university, students at each stage of learning progress can not be separated from the teacher, the teacher’s responsibility is to teach and educate people, and education is the foundation of development, so the teacher’s contribution is of course great.

2) Only education can pass on medicine

Teachers are considered to be more valuable than doctors mainly because of the cause-and-effect relationship. Only teachers can deliver medical students and doctors, and the inheritance of medicine is also completed in education. Only through systematic teaching can doctors be trained to cure and save people.

One teaches and one cures and saves
Two arguments in favor of “Doctor”

1) Doctors are more virtuous

Since 1989, when the teacher title concept, the teachers’ profession becomes less pure, some teachers to teaching in the teaching, everything is around the title selection, no character of teaching, and appear repeatedly in recent years, the teacher corporal punishment of students, teachers, not as a thing, let the teacher this profession is also in question.

Comparatively speaking, doctors are pure, some doctors regardless of their own safety, sacrifice the ego to achieve the university, this selfless dedication of the net victory let people admire, relatively speaking, doctors look much more noble.

2) Doctors are more valuable in the larger context

In the current climate of the epidemic, people will be in danger without doctors, and doctors are not afraid to fight the virus directly. The epidemic has made many people see the professional ethics of angels in white, especially those unknown doctors working in the front line, who are really treating patients without any return. It is not too much to call them “the best in the world”.

Both sides are right and both sides are right. There is no conclusion about which teachers and doctors contribute more, but we can analyze the pros and cons of teachers and medical majors to see which one is more promising, so that the next examinee can have a clear choice in the two big iron rice bowls.

“Medical” and “normal”, after graduation a rescue the dying a teaching

The advantages and disadvantages of medicine; First of all, medicine is a major that parents like very much. It sounds very high and social status is relatively high. If the children at home study medicine, it is also very face-saving to say it out. Secondly, I become a doctor after I graduate from the medical profession. The doctor’s salary is high. A doctor in a general hospital plus all kinds of bonus subsidies, his monthly salary is about 10,000 yuan.

The bad; First, the medical profession is difficult to learn, some small knowledge points need to be written down without any mistakes, after all, it is a matter of human life, so the medical profession has become the most difficult among all professions, there is also a saying spread, “persuade people to study medicine, the sky hit thunder.” Second, doctors usually work too busy, often black and white reversed.

The advantages and disadvantages of teachers; Teachers’ working environment is relatively simple. They just get along with children every day and don’t need too much sophistication. Just keep pure. And the teacher’s salary treatment is also very good, every year there are two super long holidays, holidays as usual rest, the first-tier city teacher’s monthly salary is also in 7000-8000 yuan, easy and stable work envy.

The bad; Normal graduates want to enter the school when the teacher needs to take an examination of teacher qualification card, even take an examination of preparation, after entering the school, still need to take an examination of professional title, a close then this one close, the pressure is quite big. And in recent years about the teacher’s question is not small, parents and people from all walks of life have been staring at the teacher, regardless of the students are afraid of being said no action, tube and afraid of corporal punishment students, work is not easy to do.


Every profession has its own stress, and teachers and doctors are no exception. And can be admitted to a good normal university or medical school that proves that there is a good learning ability, according to their own preferences choose to study medicine or normal.

Doctors and teachers are different in nature and not very comparable. We can only say that both of them are professional positions that contribute to the society and are worthy of respect! And want to look in principle from job property and work to get assignment somewhat, still recommend to learn normal major, become a teacher.