A new list of "double top universities"?

A new list of “double top universities”?

A new list of "double top universities"?
“Among the 2,956 regular universities in China, 39 are under construction and 112 are under construction. 985 and 211 have long been synonymous with the highest level of universities in China, but since the concept of” double first-class “was put forward in 2015, Chinese universities have been classified into” double first-class “and” double non-first-class “universities.”

What is “double first-class” university?

The so-called “Double First-Class” refers to world-class universities and disciplines. At present, there are 137 Double First-Class universities in China, including all 985 and 211 universities, as well as 25 ordinary universities. In the past, enterprises’ recruitment was based on whether they graduated from 985 or 211 universities or not. However, since the emergence of the concept of “Double First-Class”, enterprises’ recruitment requirements have always been written as “Double First-Class”, which shows the status of Double First-Class universities.

The same is the double first-class university also divides the grade, divides into A, B two and so on, A type double first-class is of course the professional strength, the popularity all compares the high university, and B type relative to A type strength is weak.

In addition, there are a total of 6 universities in Class B Double First-Class, including Northeastern University, Zhengzhou University, Hunan University, Yunnan University, Northwest Agriculture and Forestry University and Xinjiang University.

Strength for the six schools has been debated, A lot of people said hunan university and the university of the northeast is into class A double first-class, or 985, and the northwest agriculture and forestry university of science and technology strength is better than A lot of class A double top universities, so the three schools still more unfortunately, looking forward to the next round of double selection can be improved.

Some people also questioned the strength of Zhengzhou University, Xinjiang University and Yunnan University, thinking that they might be kicked out of the “Double First-Class” in the next round of discipline selection.

When will the next double top selection begin?

Unlike 985 and 211, which are invariable and evaluated based on their development, the Double Tier 1 universities are likely to be kicked out of the Double Tier 1 universities in the next evaluation, even if the schools in the list have not made any progress in recent years, but have been regressive while others have made progress.

And if some schools have made significant progress and achieved certain results in teaching and research, they are likely to be ranked double top.

A new list of "double top universities"?
The last one was in 2017, which means the next one is normally in 2022, but each cycle is a process and the list is not announced at the end of the cycle, as if the 2017 list had already been known in 2015.

So in theory, 2020 or 2021 should know something about what the next double-A-list selection will look like.

Online exposure suspected double first – class selection of the new list

As the reshuffle of the double top universities intensified, a new list of double top universities was also exposed on the Internet. The specific content is shown below.

As can be seen from the figure, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Northeastern University and Hunan University have been newly added to the list of A-class double first-class universities. Northeastern University and Hunan University are also widely expected, which is not in vain. Although the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences has entered the Double First-Class for the first time, its strength has always been great. If it can really enter the Double First-Class, there is no doubt about it.

Double top class B new colleges and universities of Beijing jiaotong university, northeast normal university, suzhou university, xi ‘an university of electronic science and technology, the other three universities if really can enter the class B double top is, after all, has been one of the provinces, cities and high prestige in this university, every year admit fractional line is low, at least more than 580 points, more or less understand.

Soochow University must be the most controversial. Its professional strength, public recognition and teaching quality have not reached a high level, but in recent years, it has published a lot of research literature, which can be regarded as some of the limelight.

Some netizens with sharp words call it a web celebrity university. If Soochow University can enter the double top class reshuffle, it will be regarded as the biggest winner. Northeast University and Northeast Normal University, two universities in Northeast China, have excellent performance and become potential stocks.

If the list is true, the Hebei examinee cried

Hebei province is the university entrance exam, every year the number of people to participate in college entrance examination is the first, but the acceptance rate last one in the country, some people think this is because the number of hebei college entrance examination too much reason, also some people think that because without an own first-class universities in the province of hebei, there is only one of hebei university also is just a ordinary one university, not 985, 211, the double top.

Colleges and universities in Hebei province certainly offer more preferential treatment to provincial examinees, but it is very difficult for Hebei examinees because of the lack of high quality and efficiency. Therefore, for this time, Hebei examinees are also hopeful. If Hebei University can be selected, it can indirectly solve the current situation of “difficult college entrance examination” in Hebei province.


The authenticity of the above list is still debatable, but the author thinks the authenticity is not very high. After all, the results of the fifth round of discipline assessment have not yet come out, so we do not know which university majors are selected as world-class disciplines, so we cannot carry out the double-first-class evaluation. Therefore, it is good for you to take a look at it.