"Medium post" calculate to go up high school?

“Medium post” calculate to go up high school?

"Medium post" calculate to go up high school?
“According to statistics, China’s secondary vocational education enrollment in 2019 reached 6.004 million, with 15.765 million students, equivalent to 39.5 percent of the entire senior high school education stage. The number of secondary vocational education students will only increase by 2020, accounting for about 40 percent of the total.”

From the above huge data, after the end of the high school entrance examination, the number of people on the secondary vocational and ordinary high schools is about the same, the proportion is about 6:4, that is to say, a junior high school class has 30 people, after the end of the high school entrance examination, 18 people will go to the ordinary high school study, 12 people will go to the secondary vocational school study.

In this regard, many parents expressed their dissatisfaction. With the improvement of basic education, should we expand the enrollment scale of general high school students? After all, this is an era that depends on academic qualifications.

The general admission rate is far worse than the university admission rate?

In recent years about the admission rate is low, far less than the university admission rate of a noisy dust, the fact is really so? Let’s start with a wave of solid data.

First of all the provinces and cities around the average university admission rate has reached more than 89%, and the admission rate of the entrance examination is only about 59%, from this data, the admission rate of the college entrance examination is indeed much higher than the admission rate of the entrance examination, so the entrance examination to expand the enrollment scale is not any doubt.

"Medium post" calculate to go up high school?
However, many people ignore a problem, that is, the admission rate of the college entrance examination also includes the number of people who have passed the college entrance examination. If only the admission rate of ordinary high schools is included, the admission rate of the college entrance examination in 2019 is only 41.8 percent, and 88.7 percent including the admission rate of high vocational and technical professionals.

Ordinary high school and senior school acceptance rate at about 60%, plus higher vocational technical secondary school also at about 90%, so there is no corporation acceptance rate is far lower than college acceptance rates, and Suggestions for expanding the acceptance rate of average high school did not implement the necessary, after all, if everyone on the ordinary high school, there will be some people in the university entrance exam to be eliminated, so as to lower the overall college enrollment.

“Secondary vocational” is also considered high school

From concept for, in the post is full-time secondary record of formal schooling education, also be the stage of record of formal schooling that approves through the Ministry of Education, have the student that junior high school graduates aptitude only, ability enters in the post.

The number of general high school and junior high school is the worry of secondary education, which is the higher education stage after nine years of compulsory education.

And China’s high school education is divided into ordinary high school, adult high school, secondary vocational education, so it is no doubt that secondary vocational secondary school also belongs to high school education.

Many people think that education isn’t in high school, but the answer is, unlike a lot of people want to get, some parents think that only bad students, will enter the secondary vocational technical secondary school, enter the secondary vocational technical school also didn’t have a chance to go to college, we can not deny the fact that the first half of the sentence into the secondary indeed are junior high school students with poor grades, but the second half can’t communicate, because secondary vocational technical school students can participate in college entrance examination, also can in undergraduate university, just look at their will.

How should the students who enter the secondary vocational school plan their future?

Vindication, don’t give up on yourself all say a exam, college entrance examination is the most important thing in life is as to the importance of the examination of the university entrance exam, through the examination of the students are divided into 369 wait, learning good into the key high school, learning into the ordinary high school, poor learning into secondary vocational technical secondary school or termination of study work.

And into the secondary vocational school are mostly junior high school students with poor grades, they have some poor learning ability, some junior high school stage did not realize the importance of learning, this is understandable.

However, entering high school is also the stage of adolescence, when students begin to take responsibility for their behaviors. At this time, it is not too late for those who are interested to wake up. After all, many students can still go to college without entering ordinary high schools, as long as they don’t give up, everything is possible.

But at this time also don’t immerse yourself in learning, put your own ideas and parents say, ask for parents’ help, after all, the education level of secondary vocational school is limited, in the case of family conditions allow, can ask tutoring to improve the level of cultural classes.

Feet on the ground, learning technology, of course, some students enter secondary vocational technical secondary school learning is part of the reason, bad family situation is also part of the reason, after entering secondary vocational technical school, just want to work out a little earlier, subsidies for the family, if this is the case, don’t be discouraged, steadfast to learn technology, technology, top talent, still can find a good job after graduation, become the technology talents, and always remember don’t aim high.

It’s out of the question that everyone goes to high school!

Actually to put it bluntly, examination at the scene of “large diversion”, the former students in the same starting line to carry on the step, there must be a part of the student to study secondary vocational technical school, the school open to the necessary it, of course, the society also need this kind of technology talents, so that everyone on the ordinary high school is impossible.

As long as you study hard in the vocational school to improve technology, after graduation to become a technical talent, in fact, not worse than the people in the university, after all, now the value of a university degree is not high, after graduation, also want to pass the postgraduate entrance examination, examination of public to enhance the value of a degree.

Want the society not to basic level technology kind of work to look at differently only, take an examination to enter medium post technical secondary school won’t have too big contradiction!

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