Professor Wang Qingsong from Peking University

Professor Wang Qingsong from Peking University

Professor Wang Qingsong from Peking University
Admission to Peking University and Tsinghua University is the dream of thousands of students, but also a chance for children from poor families. But what is it about a pair of high-achieving Peking University students who have given up their prestigious city jobs to live in seclusion?

Memory super god test of Peking University

Wang Qingsong was born in a small county in Henan province. Like most students, he hoped to be admitted to a prestigious university and bring honour to his family. Wang Qingsong has a very good memory since childhood. He can recite a piece of obscure classical Chinese after reading it once. Finally, with his talent and hard work, he received a bachelor’s degree from Peking University, Grade 79 in National Politics. After graduation, he decided that graduate students in the law department would have better job opportunities, so he continued his studies and became a graduate student in the law department of Peking University, Grade 83.

Work goes well and you meet true love

After graduation, Wang Qingsong continued to teach in the university. Becoming a Peking University teacher was an enviable career, coincidingly at that time the rise of the country “health heat”. At this time, Wang Qingsong seized the opportunity and began to take the education class at Peking University. His focus on health preservation made him popular for a while. Since the health preservation class is an income generating class, Wang Qingsong also made a lot of money. The so-called icing on the cake, Wang Qingsong and Peking University teacher Zhang Mei married when he was happy.

Work blocked secluded in the mountain forest

Fate always creates some troubles when it is satisfied, and Wang Qingsong and his wife are no exception. In order to get a better job, Zhang Mei encouraged Wang Qingsong to apply for a doctorate in philosophy at Peking University, but he didn’t get admitted even though his scores were first. After the shock, Wang decided to apply for a doctorate in law at Peking University, but he still didn’t make the list. At the same time, Zhang Mei, who has been teaching at Peking University for five years, was disappointed when she was not given a professional title. Due to the development of The Times, schools require teachers to learn how to use computers, but Zhang Mei thinks this kind of teaching method has no temperature and cannot be accepted.

So, after discussing, they decided to resign from their teaching job at Peking University. They came to the mountainous area on the border between Hebei and Beijing and rented 2,500 mu of barren hills for 50 years, saying goodbye to their glamorous lives.

Professor Wang Qingsong from Peking University
Outsiders talk about living in seclusion

When local residents learned about the couple’s story, they often took to the streets. 2 people of husband and wife thought to escape the life of the rules and regulations of the university to be able to be free originally, did not think of the comment of the surrounding dweller to let 2 people of husband and wife more disturbing. So they went deeper into the mountains, and planted roots where no one was there, and lived in peace.

From scratch, the couple built their own house, reclaimed land and grew food and vegetables. After 17 years of operation, the once barren mountain has been transformed into a small ecosystem, surrounded by chirping birds and full of vitality. The couple also had a son, and it can be said that life was easy and comfortable.

Forced by reality out of the mountains

A carefree day goes by quickly. As his son grew up, Wang felt he should be educated while his own life was closed. On the other hand, although Wang Qingsong taught at Peking University with one million yuan, he always couldn’t make ends meet in the mountains. Under the pressure of life, Wang also wanted to return to society.

Of course, Wang’s return to society was not genuine. As a parent, there’s nothing wrong with giving your child a better education. He wanted his son to go out and see a better world. He believes that walking out of the mountains is only to temporarily relieve his financial difficulties, he is still deeply in love with the “Xanadu” life.


Wang Qingsong and his wife live their own wonderful life. Everyone’s life is unique, and we should not freeze our life just because of a certain group. They have a frank and open attitude to life, and have also contributed to the country’s green development while living in seclusion in the mountains. However, we should also understand that life is not satisfactory nine times out of ten. When difficulties come, we should actively solve them instead of avoiding them blindly. Wang Qingsong lived in seclusion when he encountered difficulties at Peking University, but his son would also encounter such problems. It was another test whether to escape or face them bravely. No matter what kind of choice, as long as they determined to go firmly is a brave man.