Shopping festival binge spending

A mother’s regret: Yesterday’s “balance payers”

For the last two days, the soul has not stopped torturing.

As an old mother of 3G Internet surfing,

When I hear these words, I am in a panic.

Shopping festival binge spending

Singles Day comes all of a sudden,

The old mother, who faces the diaper and back to the bottle all day, is caught off guard

There is a preferential place, the nature of life pu

A bag of diapers is 70 yuan, and double 11 is only 50 yuan

Buy a pack for 20, buy 10 packs for 200

It’s a good chance to get rich

Money matters are old mother’s food for thought

It turns out that this year’s Singles’ Day has two waves,

Singles Day has become a “nunchaku”

Once vowed never to participate in the Double eleven,

This year it’s back

Wow, there is no building this year, no team

Primary school mathematics level, should be enough to use!

Double 11 don’t chop the hand chop chop what?Cut fish head with pepper?

Although buy will regret, but not buy more regret

Buy is poor, do not buy is poor

Rounding it off, there’s little difference between buying and not buying

Decided to enter the organization, the old mother panic again

Eyeful of goods, even don’t know what to buy

Watching other people work their fingers to the ground

A tense atmosphere was aroused

Just like the taste of the swish crazy people writing on the exam

Students who are good at their work may as well copy it

One of the high achievers said,

When you don’t know what to buy, go see Li Jiaqi!

Since then, the wallet is a passer-by, there is nothing I don’t want to buy

I never thought of a woman in her thirties

The first man to say, “Don’t sleep.

Not husband, not son, not Jackson

It’s Li Jiaqi

“Don’t sleep. It’s only 12:49. What do you sleep in the middle of the night?”


“Really can’t sleep, sleep for hundreds of hours and then it’s gone.”

Not to mention

The first one said, “Only give you five minutes in the shower.

Li Jiaqi, too

And how you enjoyed it…

Especially if the payment is not successful,

More motivated to fight

My Chinese nation’s old mother, not to be defeated!

I buy luck, buy him!

As you begin your shopping journey, begin to discover:

There seems to be nothing at home!

The rice and flour oil seems to have run out.

Did you eat dirt to get by?

Baby down jacket cotton pants must buy,

If you don’t buy it at such a low price, you will lose money.

Children always buy winter shoes,

Do not buy difficult to bare feet?

Oh, the old mother must have a face,

Water cream essence cream deposit 50 to 100!

As for my old father,

Well, what I have left is cheap.

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