Education Bureau in 2021 to achieve the "art dream

Education Bureau in 2021 to achieve the “art dream

Education Bureau in 2021 to achieve the "art dream
Hunchun Education Bureau in 2021 to circle the “art dream” education training activity was officially launched in the youth activity center.

According to the introduction, this activity is a continuation of the training activity of “East-West Cooperation” in 2019 to realize the “Art Dream” and will continue to carry out rich and colorful art skills training activities for children from poor families, urban and rural families living on subsistence allowance and poor families in Hunchun City.

On March 14, circle the first phase of the “dream” art student training activity – “poverty student spring line” research study practice, the research learning activities led by education bureau of hunchun, hunchun youth activity center organization to undertake, hunchun FangChuan international tourism holding group co., LTD., from hunchun various primary and secondary schools of more than 30 eligible children took part in the activity.

In the Longhu Pavilion of the Fangchuan Scenic Spot, the children listened to the general history of Hunchun and felt the unique geographical environment and natural scenery of Hunchun. In front of the statue of Wu Dacheng, the children got to know this patriotic and virtuous minister and territorial ambassador, whose “blood and sincerity relieve suffering, loyalty to the monarch and service to the country”. In Fangchuan Folk Village, the children learned about the Korean People’s Daily living habits. In Longshan Lake Wetland, the children experienced the “paradise of migratory birds” and watched and photographed the sea eagles, wild geese, seagulls and other migratory birds perching and foraging.

Art comes from life. This study and practice activity has broadened the children’s horizon, increased their knowledge, and improved their innovative spirit and practical ability. It is hoped that the “Art Dream” training activities can sow the seeds of art in the hearts of children and plant the wings of art dreams for children in difficulties!